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YouTube Down? Is YouTube Website App Down Right Now in US/UK

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Guide on how to fix YouTube down/app not working errors.

Updates: Yes, frustratingly, YouTube is down again. Since 7:02 PM EDT, Sep 11, 2019, a stampede of users reported that they cannot load YouTube videos, get a white screen, can't advance or move back video, and YouTube video is no longer available to download on neither sites and softwares.

Why are your YouTube videos not loading? Can't open website? Maybe it is simply because YouTube is down. From time to time, YouTube server acts up and the outage time varies from around half an hour to about 2 to 3 hours. Next are several typical YouTube down cases. YouTube is down in your country if, for example, your Deadpool 2 trailer video on YouTube freezes and keeps buffering while people in other districts do not report issues. YouTube app down occurs if your Despacito music video suddenly pauses on iPhone/Android and refreshing again and again does not work. Of course, it might be caused by bad internet (WiFi) connection. So how do you know if YouTube is really down right now or not?

Is YouTube Really Down Right Now?

1. Refresh the page. Click the refresh button right beside the address bar. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, do remember to press Ctrl+F5 rather than F5.
2. If you still can't tell, open some other online video streaming sites to have a look, such as Vimeo, Bilibili,, etc. Or just go to browse any websites with your browser and refresh the page with Ctrl+F5 to ensure it is not a cache.

3. Check both website and YouTube mobile app to see if it's really down.
4. Open your Twitter or Facebook and see if anyone is in the same situation as you. Mostly, there are related posts every time YouTube is down.
5. YouTube down detector should be the most trustworthy method, which is sort of a YouTube backstage manager. It presents the status of YouTube in every moment: down or not, the response time, response code, etc. There is also a live outage map, showing you the very countries where YouTube is down.
6. It is said YouTube has a customer service hotline (+1 877 220 7407). But we never tried and do not know if it works.

How to solve YouTube down issue? Seriously, this is a server error, which can only be fixed by YouTube itself. What we can do is to wait. Normally, YouTube will be back for you in several hours. So be patient and do some other things.

Other YouTube Down Error Solutions

How Frequently Is YouTube Down?

According to those YouTube down detectors, the most recent outages of YouTube was on August 5, 2017. And statistics reveal that United States is the most affected country of "YouTube down". The following timeline shows when YouTube down error happened to a certain amount of people in a district.

Recent YouTube Down

July 17 (about 28 min)
June 19 (about 35 min)
June 6 (about 24 min)
March 25 (about 1 h 06 min)
March 27 (about 20 min)

YouTube Down Most Affected Countries

United States (3000 reports)
United Kingdom (326 reports)
Australia (267 reports)
Canada (256 reports)
India (175 reports)

YouTube Down Countries - last 24 hours

United States
United Kingdom

YouTube Downloader for Win/10 Free

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Best Free YouTube Downloader for Windows (10)

If you are going to check some latest uploaded videos or music on YouTube, however YouTube is down, then be patient and wait for their fixes. Normally, it takes hours. If you just want to enjoy a YouTube video again you liked before on, there is a workaround to be not affected by YouTube down error - free download YouTube videos to watch offline. WinX YouTube Downloader is the most recommended one for being totally free and 100% safe (crucially important for freewares). Technically, built-in Multi-thread and Multicast enables online video download at ultra high speed (5-8x realtime download speed). Also, several output formats are available for you.

Convert video to YouTube/Facebook Video

How to Free Download YouTube Videos?

Step 1. Get WinX YouTube Downloader free
Click /download/winx-youtube-downloader.exe and get it installed on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2. Copy YouTube video link
Go to, open a video you want to download, and copy the URL.

Step 3. Analyze the YouTube video
1. Launch the YouTube downloader software, click "+" button
2. Paste the video URL, and "Analyze" it
3. Choose your desired output format and video resolution. Click "OK".

Step 4. Press "Download" button to start your YouTube video download.
* We do not advocate illegal use of YouTube videos and suggest you respect the copy right of the contributors. Feel free to Mail Us if you still have questions.

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