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How to Edit MOV Files on Windows/Mac: Split, Trim, Crop, Merge, and Do More

We'll show you the best MOV editor for Windows and Mac, and how to edit MOV without watermarks and without quality loss.

Latest updated by Donna Peng - Sep.16, 2019

MOV is a mainstream multimedia container file format developed by Apple, so we often see MOV files in iPhone and iPad. In addition, some digital cameras also employ MOV to store their video recordings. Sometimes, for some reasons, we need to edit our MOV files to achieve desired status. For example, we shoot a couple of video clips during our journey and we want to merge them together for sharing with others. Another example, there's lousy segment in our MOV video that needs to be cut off. Well, how can we edit MOV files? The MOV editor below will empower you to trim MOV, split MOV, merge MOV clips, and do more tweaks to your MOV files, easily, quickly and losslessly.

edit MOV files

The Best MOV Video Editor for Windows and Mac - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

Versatile WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe has an inbuilt easy-to-use video editor supporting MOV and other file formats. It accepts any MOV file, no matter what video audio codecs it contains, and allows you to merge, crop, trim, split, rotate, mirror, add special effect, and do other edits. No quality loss.
Also, its Mac counterpart can edit MOV files on macOS Catalina 10.15 and lower.

Possible Problems You May Find on Other MOV Editors

Finding a satisfactory MOV editor is not an easy thing. We have noticed many complaints in communities or in which we live, MOV files not supported by editing software for instance.

MOV can't be edited by Windows Movie Maker

"I have been having a hard time editing a .MOV file from a video shot with a Mark III 5D. I have Adobe Premier and it said invalid file type."
"I've got a few .mov files from my camera and I want to edit them together. Windows movie maker won't read .mov files."
"Those so-called free MOV editors I've downloaded so far are free trials with limitations on video length and file size or bundled with unfriendly extras. Outputs are often with watermarks."
"I need a MOV editor, but a professional one is too expensive with too many features that I don't need."
"There was an error saving this video try again later when I export my iPhone 11 .mov video using real-time video editing".

Why WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Is a Good Choice for Editing MOV Files

Compared with Adobe Premier, real-time video editing and the like costing hundreds of dollars and displaying complicated interface, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - is more affordable and easier for average people to do basic editing for MOV files. Explore more and you will love it more.

1. Fully compatible with all MOV files.
Many video editing programs are unable to recognize the MOV files you import, because of codec/format incompatibility. Supporting 370+ video audio codecs, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe accepts any MOV video (H264, HEVC, MPEG-4...), no matter what resolution it is.

2. All useful features. No unnecessary options.
In general, ordinary people only need to do some basic edits, such as split, trim, crop, and merge. If you are looking for a MOV editor without fancy options, this is the best way to go. Without hundreds of options, you save more time and energy.

3. Export resulting file with ideal format and quality.
There're hundreds of output profiles for you to choose, from regular formats to device profiles. That is to say, after editing MOV you can choose to export the edited file in MOV or a different format fit for your computer, Android handsets, game consoles, YouTube channel, etc.

4. No quality loss after editing
It will never degrade the video and audio quality. Meanwhile, you're allowed to choose HQ when choosing profile and enable High Quality Engine before delivering the edited version, thus obtaining the highest possible quality.

How to Edit MOV Files on Windows (10/8/7) and Mac

Above all, we should download and install this MOV video editor on our computer. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is designed for Windows 10 and lower, while its counterpart WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe for Mac is developed for macOS Mojave and lower. When this tool is well installed, just launch it and edit MOV files following the guide below. Here editing MOV files on Windows 10 is taken as an example.

Step 1. Import the MOV files you want to edit on PC.
Launch WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and click Video to access the MOV file editor, and then we can load target MOV files by dragging and dropping or via the + Video button at the top left corner. You can load one or more files in the same or different formats.

Step 2. Choose output profile.
To keep MOV file format, you can choose MOV Video in Video Profiles. If you want to export videos in a different format, just specify the one you like.

Step 3. Edit MOV.

merge video Merge MOV files
To join multiple MOV video clips into a single file, please check Merge under the preview window. See more details at: best video joiner software

trim video Cut/Trim MOV videos
Click the scissor-like/Cut button, drag these two knobs under preview window to your desired start and end time point and then click the orange Cut button. Then, you should see clip 1 showing up below. Next, you can repeat above steps to get other clips. All clips will finally be merged together.
For someone who just need to trim off the beginning and/or ending segments, he/she can make use of the Trim option which is included in Toolbox.

crop video Crop unwanted borders or other areas in MOV videos
Move to Crop tab, check Enable Crop, and then choose an option from the dropdown menu of Preset. Choosing Crop LetterBox will crop off the black bars around the image directly. You can directly drag the frame in the Preview window to perform MOV cropping or typing in values in the boxes under Position.

edit MOV - trim, crop, subtitle

add subtitle Add subtitle to MOV video
Go to Subtitle tab, and then click Add Subtitle File to open the .ass, .ssa or .srt file you made by yourself or downloaded online before.

add subtitle Add special effects to MOV video
Navigate to Effect tab, and then you'll find there're dozens of special effects for choosing. What's more, it is available to change brightness, contrast, saturation and others.

Tweak video audio parameters
Click Option icon and then you will be directed to a new panel where you can modify video/audio codec, frame rate, bit rate, sample rate, aspect ratio, resolution, etc. But if you're not a tech savvy guy, you'd better leave those parameters as default.

Apart from aforementioned video editing options, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe also allows you to add text/image/timecode watermark, rotate, mirror and flip your MOV videos, stabilize shaky MOV video, denoise video, split video into multiple parts, convert video to GIF, remove fisheye, etc.

Step 4. Output edited MOV files.
If you have finished editing and settings, simply hit RUN button to export new files.

More than a MOV editor

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and its Mac variant are multifunctional tools. Other than editing MOV and videos in other formats, it can also:

best mov editor free download

Convert videos in MOV, MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, HEVC, AVCHD, M2TS, MOD, TOD, etc.
• Extract audio from video; convert audio file formats.
• Compress videos in 8K, 4K UHD, 1080P HD, and so on.
• Upscale videos, i.e. 1080P to 4K, to fit for large-screen displays.
• Free download videos and music from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and other 1000+ sites.
• Record screen activities and record facecam on Mac.

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