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How to Download Music/Audio/Songs from Tumblr Using Firefox/Chrome Browser Only or Other Tools

Check out steps to save music audio file from Tumblr blog/dashboard on Firefox, Chrome & Safari. Also get plug-in or software to free download Tumblr music.

- Can you download music from Tumblr?
I was creeping on some hot girls Tumblr and they had a dope playlist. Is there a way to download it? Also at times, I came across some audios/songs (in MP3 format) on Tumblr and quite look forward to downloading them to my iPhone. Would you please figure out how do I do this fast?  
                                                                                              - question from Yahoo Answer

As one of the most trendy social platforms, Tumblr flys its own colors by its unique light blogging style. Audio belongs to one of the blog content, and users can post audio by searching and select online audio/song resource, pasting online audio/music URL, as well as uploading native (homemade) audio file to Tumblr. In view of this, you can usually discover quite a lot of diverting original audio/music on Tumblr. What a pity that Tumblr does not feature downloading audio, this is why you need to read about this tutorial on how to download music from Tumblr.

Download Tumblr Audio

To begin with, you should know that any mobile hardware cannot download music from Tumblr directly, which means you can only do this on your PC/Mac, and then connect the mobile devices and sync the audio file. Plus, there are usually 3 ways to free download Tumblr music/audio:
1. Download Tumblr songs/audio using software
2. Download Tumblr songs/audio using a third-party addon
3. Download Tumblr audio using browser only

Download Tumblr Music Using Clean Freeware

Easy Level: ★★★★★

Why download Tumblr music with software is better than add-on: There are piles of music sources online of pop songs, original music, not just Tumblr blog. Generally, software features download music from top-rated MP3 music sites like YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion, Soundcloud and more. Here we recommend you a piece of 100% clean and secure music (video/audio) download software - WinX YouTube Downloader for over 300 sites music downloading.

Download Music from Tumblr

Using WinX YouTube Downloader to downlod Tumblr music is super simple. Just follow the 3 steps below:

Step 1: Click "+URL" button on the top toolbar to turn into (Tumblr) music downloader interface.

Step 2: Copy Tumblr music link, and Click "Paste & Analyze" on the software interface to analyze the music information about title, duration, resolution, format, size and code. Check one MP3 video and click "OK".

Note: You can click share icon to get the link of original audio file (Email address). If it's an online link, click </> icon to get the link.

Step 3: Click "Browse" to set a destination folder to save the downloaded audio file(s). Then hit "Download" to start the free Tumblr music downloading task. This software supports batch download Tumblr MP3 audio files.
Alternatively: How to download video from Tumblr >>

Download Tumblr Audio Using A Third-Party Add-on like TumTaster

Easy Level: ★★★★

There are extensions for Chrome, Firefox or Safari to download music from Tumblr by creating MP3 audio downloading links on the Tumblr dashboard/blogs. Let's set using a well-known add-on - TumTaster as the guide:

• Search and install the TumTaster on your Chrome
• Browse the Tumblr blog page/dashboard with music you want to download
• Right click the "Click to download" button under the audio player
• Select save link, change the music file name, and click Save to download songs/music from Tumblr directly.

More detailed instruction with pics: How to Download Music from Tumblr with TumTaster

It's an easier way for newbies, but a little bit unstable. Because users often find the Tumblr music download plug-in not work or cannot detect and represent the audio download button/link at times.

Download Music from Tumblr with Firefox/Chrome etc.

Download Tumblr Audio Using Browser Only

Easy Level: ★★★

Chrome and Firefox are two mainstream browsers, and here we take downloading Tumblr music media file with Chrome/Filrfox on Windows (10) PC for example:

• Open and full upload the Tumblr blog with audio page content on Chrome/Firefox
• Press F12 or right click Inspect (Element) to pop up the whole element window
• Choose Network section, search for "mp3" element by tapping Ctrl+F or under the search bar in the bottom
• Right click the mp3 search results, select "Open link in new tab" to turn to a single tab with only the Tumblr audio file
• Right click the audio player bar, choose "Save Audio As..." to define the place to save the MP3 Tumblr music file. You'd better rename the original file name that consists of numbers to distinguish from other useless audio file on your computer. After that click "Save" to start the Tumblr audio downloading.

How to Free Download Music from Online Sites?

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
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WinX YouTube Downloader
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It can save (and convert, natch) videos from the likes of YouTube, and output presets for every portable device from Android to Windows Phone. - Rick (CNET Editor)

Tumblr and Its Popularity

Tumblr and Its Popularity Founded in 1997 by David Karp and purchased by Yahoo! since 2013, Tumblr (global Alexa rank 45) is the ancestor and also the biggest site of microblogging social platform at present. What makes this mini blog so popular is that it's much easier than general blogs to express interests and thoughts by posting as much as 7 types of content directly, including text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video. According to the Tumblr official press, we can see Tumblr now owns 290 million blogs, over 130 billion posts.

Attention: We do not advocate illegal use of MP3 Tumblr audios downloaded online, suggest you respect the copy right of the contributors, and truly recommend if you can download in the right places or buy music/songs in iTunes or in a store (online or physical). If you have any questions about where and how to do free Tumblr music download, please feel free to Email Us>>.

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