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How to Convert (Encrypted or not) DVD VOB Files to AVI on PC/Mac

Follow this guide on how to convert VOB, located in or copied from commercial & homemade DVD, to AVI with high quality on Windows (10), macOS Mojave etc.

We often come across VOB video file when converting general video formats into NTSC/PAL for DVD burning, copying DVD disc into VIDEO_TS, or opening DVD movie after inserting it successfully into the DVD drive. So what is VOB? What's the relationship between VOB and DVD? And if you want to convert (DVD) VOB files to AVI without losing video quality on Windows or macOS based computer for playback or editing, what should you do? Well, this


VOB, encoded with MPEG-2, is a container format in DVD-Video. As one of the Video Manager and Video Title files under VIDEO_TS directory, VOB stores all the media content of a DVD, including digital video, digital audio, subtitles, DVD menus and navigation of a DVD. Another two information files are IFO and BUP respectively, the former of which contains video control and playback information while the latter is just the backup copy of IFO. Let's make it much clearer by checking a DVD-Video structure picture:

dvd video structure - VOB, BUP, IFO

Every DVD disc has a suite of Video Manager (VMG) files to manage the entire DVD and multiple Video Title Set (VTS) files to control the real content. Since each .vob file has a maximum storage size of 1GB, the amount of VTS files varies from DVD discs.

It's easy to play DVD (MPEG2) VOBs on DVD player and many famed media players like VLC. However, VOB is still rejected by many mainstream smart devices and gaming consoles. To have VOB accepted by more machines and still editable, converting VOB to AVI is a wise way to go.

People also ask:
▶ How Do I Convert DVD VOB to AVI with DVD Ripper?
▶ How Do I Convert DVD VOB to AVI with Video Converter?

Part 1 - How to Rip Any (Encrypted or Not) DVD Disc VOBs to AVI with DVD Ripper

There're quite a few free DVD ripper choices. But unfortunately, no one can always fit the bill because of incomplete output formats support and weak decryption ability. So you're suggested to obtain powerful DVD ripping software once and for ever.

Tool recommendation: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
Reason: Digiarty is a world-leading provider of personal and home-use multimedia applications based on Windows and macOS. As the flagship product of Digiarty, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum has helped users rip and copy millions of DVD discs successfully since 2009. Through continuously updates on DVD analysis module and kernel rebuilding, it's become the strongest and fastest DVD ripper software to rip any new or classic (multiple-title) DVDs, be it Hollywood/Disney movie DVDs, TV series DVDs, workout DVDs, scratched DVDs or homemade DVDs.

From users:
- I am trying to find the best and fastest way to convert a .VOB (DVD format) into an .avi. I am trying to convert all of my DVDs into .avi since DVDs are getting out of date and I can have my DVD library into a .avi library on my 2TB HD.
- I want to convert my DVDs to AVI files so that I can edit them in windows movie maker.

Steps to Rip Store-bought or -rent DVDs with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

Convert DVD VOB to AVI with DVD Ripper

1. Input DVD into DVD drive. Open WinX program and click "DVD Disc" or "Folder" to select and load DVD content. Please don't change DVD Disc File System Type setting unless you know it.

2. Choose "AVI Video" as output format at general profiles or PC general video category. The only difference between them is mainly on audio codes, MP3 or AC3/DTS.

3. Go back to the main UI (with right movie title checked by default), where you can choose audio channel, subtitle, edit movie video and edit adjust video/audio parameters like codec, bit rate and resolution. You're also free to browse and select one destination folder to save output AVI (DivX/XviD) video.

4. Click "RUN" to rip copy protected large DVD VOBs to AVI fast by utilizing Intel QSV/Nvidia GPU hardware acceleration and multi-core CPUs. To prevent any unexpected crash or error on DVD ripping process, you'd better tick "Safe Mode".

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

From users:
- I have .VOB files from DVR recorder, copied off the disc, and I want to join associated VOB files together into sane AVI or MP4 files (preferably AVI).
- I have a DVD with family old movies, which appears in the DVD as 4 files (.VOB), each of 1 GB. I want to convert the VOB files to AVI (or any suitable form) without losing quality. I converted the 1 GB VOB file to AVI file but it came out as 280 MB file, so I lost quality.

Part 2 - How to Convert One or More VOBs to AVI with Video Converter

When it comes to general VOB files with no copy protection, video converter is also a good bet for VOB to AVI. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, an upgraded and hardware accelerated video processing software with both video converting and editing features, is highly suggested here.

convert VOBs to AVI with video converter

1. Install and open converter on computer. Click "+ Video" or directly drag and drop source VOB video into software.

2. Choose "AVI Video" at general profiles, and make the tradeoffs between (Low or High) video quality and (Fast or Slow) video transferring speed. Of course the faster speed will produce an AVI file with more quality sacrificed.

3. Click settings to adjust video codec to DivX or Xvid, fine tune video bite rate in VBR or CBR, change video resolution etc.

4. Edit, crop, trim video as you prefer. If you're batch converting VOBs into a single AVI, do remember to check "Merge" option.

5. Click "RUN" to make AVI out of VOB(s) in a flash.

Still have any question about converting DVD VOB to AVI video format? Please Email Us >>.

New Software Arrival

VideoProc - Your Ultimate Video Processing Software

With DVD Ripper, Video Converter built-in, VideoProc helps convert or rip whatever VOB files effortlessly by using either of the function. Better still, by fully support Intel QSV/AMD/Nvidia hardware acceleration, it can boost DVD VOB to MP4/AVI transferring speed at 64x real time faster! Versatile video editing toolbox enables you to cut, crop, trim, compress, and add subtitles into video easily.

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