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[Free Video Processing] How to Convert MP4 to Animated GIF with High Quality

This post will guide you how to free make animated GIF out of MP4 video on Windows (10) PC with easier video processing editor.

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Mobile Internet brings much convenience to modern communication and also boost our engagement with emoji and GIF on social channel and real-time chat. Don't take me as an idiot, because not until I made my mind to make some funny GIFs out of my iPhone MP4 videos on pets/kids and searched for some how-to guides did I get to know this GIF man is in his thirties! Well seriously, you may wonder what's going on about my GIF. I made some out with an easy GIF maker software mentioned below.

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) came into being before the dawn of web. Through continuous evolution for over 3 decades, it has transformed from image hosting stuff to later video entertainment tool to current visual communication language, playing a crucial role in mobile era with explosive messages.

From MySpace to iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook and more, snackable and often funny GIF has become an ubiquitous element to pass on thoughts and feelings online. Usually, there're GIFs of many kinds on hot social apps. But if you're a frequent GIF user, you may be weary of the slowly-renewing GIF library and hunt for new resources on GIF websites like GIPHY. Alternatively, you can also make laughable GIF of your style. Since MP4 is the most universal video format today, this guide will mainly focus on how to convert MP4 to GIF on PC.

convert MP4 to GIF

How to Convert MP4 to GIF on Windows PC

This 2019 best free video editor for PC allows you to convert MP4 to GIF image on Windows 10 or lower. Versatile video editing toolbox enables you to make source MP4 video flashy with cool special effects.

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Steps to Make GIF from MP4 Video with winXVideo Free

Being an 8-bit image format, GIF displays vivid content with excellent image quality after being compressed from (4K/HD) video by lossless Lempel–Ziv–Welch (LZW) encoding method. However, the visual quality and file size may still vary greatly from applications used for video to GIF processing. winXVideo Free balances well between GIF file size and quality by using dynamic motion compensation to enhance visual effect when optimizing video color to 256 or lower to achieve smaller size. Now let's get started on how to make GIF from MP4 video with winXVideo Free.

Step 1 - Download and Install
Free download winXVideo Free here or on winXVideo's download page. After the download is finished, open and install the setup file by following the instructions.

Step 2 - Open and Load MP4
Open up winxVideo Free on desktop or from Start menu, and click "Add video" to browse and open your source MP4 video with software.

Step 3 - Choose GIF and Do Settings
Navigate to the Toolbox section and tap "GIF" as output format. Then move up to the MP4 video panel where you should click "Option" button with codec sawtooth icon to pop up a "Video to GIF" setting window. Now transform MP4 to GIF easily in a few clicks!

convert mp4 to gif steps on pc


- > Trim the video clip you prefer to make to GIF by sliding the two green sliders or define start and end time manually to determine GIF duration.
- > Set GIF loop time as forever, 1, 2, 5, 10 or 30. In most cases, people prefer making infinite loop GIF animation.
- > Choose GIF image size as original, 1080p, 720p or lower. Of course the higher width * height you set, the larger file size you will get.
- > Adjust GIF frame delay - the length of time that each of GIF frames will be displayed. Note that the higher frame delay value you set, the slower your GIF will be.

Step 4 - Output GIF
Click "RUN" to prompt software to start converting MP4 to GIF in a flash. After that, you'll be able to post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog, GIPHY or other GIF centers. If you'd like make diverting GIF from MP4 with any special visual effect or text watermark, do insert it to MP4 video in advance.

Why VideoProc Free is your first choice for MP4 to GIF making?
  • VideProc Free
  • Easy-to-use: ★★★★★

    MP4 Size/Duration Limitation: N

  • Upload/Download: N
    GIF Setting: Y
    YouTube to GIF: Y

  • Online (MP4 to) GIF Maker
    Easy-to-use: ★
    MP4 Size/Duration Limitation: Y

  • Upload/Download: Y
    GIF Setting: N
    YouTube to GIF: It depends.

  • Professional-level Desktop Video/Photo Editor
  • Hot Tools: FFMPEG, Adobe Premiere Pro/Photosho
    Easy-to-use: ★
    MP4 Size/Duration Limitation: N

  • Upload/Download: N
    GIF Setting: Y
    YouTube to GIF: N

4K video recording is the trend, that's why almost all camera manufacturers start to upgrade their product line by supporting 4K (HEVC) MP4 shooting at higher fps, which makes MP4 video too large to process. When you happen to convert any large (4K/1080p) MP4 video to GIF, be it online world cup/NBA sports video, online entertainment video or homemade travel/kids/puppy/sexy one, you'd better leave weak online GIF maker alone and find easy desktop program to fit the bill.

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