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How to Convert MP4 to DivX (.avi) on Windows 10?

Free download the best Windows 10 MP4 to DivX converter, and then convert MP4 to AVI (DivX) for enjoying on various DivX Players.

Questions about MP4 to DivX quoted from forums:
● I have some home movies that I can't play on my Samsung dvd player. Looked into the Samsung info & found that it will play DivX files. Is there any free software that can help me out? Thanks.
● I have a DVD player and I want to convert my mp4 files into DivX as that is what my player supports. I tried VLC's converter and Handshake but had no luck. Can you help?
● I wish to play a video file on my TV (PAL), it seems only to recognize the DivX format. My source file is .mp4.

MP4, although as the most notably used multimedia container format, is still blocked by quite many player mediums. If you fail to play MP4 on those devices like (DivX-certified) DVD/Blu-ray player, In-car media player, home theater system, some digital LG/Samsung TVs, handheld smart equipments (WP8, Acer Aspire S7) and PS3/4 game consoles, it's a must-do to convert MP4 to DivX (.avi).

Since DivX video codec is a brand product from DivX, LLC., it is bound to develop some DivX related software. Exactly, the producer delivers DivX software with DivX Codec, DivX (web) player, DivX converter and DivX media server components built-in, among which the DivX converter can assist you to convert MP4 files to DivX on Windows 8/7/Vista SP1/XP SP3. But to take full advantage of this video converter, a DivX Pro license is needed to purchase.

So how to convert MP4 to DivX on Window 10?

According to the report from netmarketshare.com, Windows 10 has reached 23.72% of total OS market share by the end of November, 2016, taking the second place following Windows 7. Through months of updates, both MP4 (to DivX) video converters and the new OS can cooperate with each other perfectly. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is one of the typical examples.

MP4 to DivX Converter Free Download on Win 10 and Mac

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe - the No.1 fast video converter, that supports converting MP4 to AVI/DivX, AVI HD/XviD for watching on over 1 billion DivX Certified devices!

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Convert MP4 to DivX on Windows 10 using WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

After download downloading WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe and install it on the Windows 10, then open it up to add the license code bought online or won from the free video converter giveaway. If you don't have it, just click "x" to enjoy the free trial version. When the full main interface appears, just follow the steps below to convert MP4 to DivX.

Step 1 - Load MP4 Video
Click "Video" and then hit "+ Video" icon on the top left of the main UI to select MP4 video file or files you need to convert to DivX, and open it or them in a flash.

Step 2 - Choose DivX/AVI as Ouput
Click "Target Format" and then select "AVI Video" under "General Video" category. At the right part of AVI Video option, you can set the video quality and converting speed you prefer.

Convert MP4 to AVI

Note for some specific device profiles with DivX Codec (MPEG-4 Part 2) and AVI format involved in WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe:
• Sony Device -> PlayStation 3 Video -> PlayStation 3 (AVI)
• Facebook Video -> AVI Video (DivX)
• General Web Video -> AVI Video (DivX)

Step 3 - Advanced Settings (Optional)
For those acquainted with video/audio parameters, the video codec/bit rate (ABR or CBR)/frame rate/resolution/aspect ratio and audio codec/channel/sample rate/bit rate are all adjustable. But it's not necessary or advisable for the uninitiated. Moreover, the output DivX video can be renamed, edited. If you batch convert MP4 videos to DivX format, you can also merge them into a single one. The last optional setting is to define the destination folder for saving DivX video by clicking "Browse" to select.

Step 4 - Begin MP4 to DivX Conversion
When everything is OK, just press the round blue "RUN" button to start the MP4 to DivX/AVI conversion process. You can see the whole process with detailed FPS and remaining time, check to shut down your computer, open the output folder after conversion, or stop the conversion at any time.

Thanks to the Intel/Nvidia/AMD hardware accelerator, high quality and deinterlacing engines, WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe can create a new DivX video from MP4 with high quality and fast speed.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe ★★★★ Rating OS: Windows & Mac

All-in-one HD video converter to convert DivX to MP4, convert any SD/HD/4K video to formats playable on iPhone, iPad, Android, PSP, Windows Phone and more hot devices.



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