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Burn ISO to USB

This guide will clue you in how to burn DVD ISO to USB, or say copy disk image / archive file to flash drive. Two solutions and tips will be provided.

Question Mark"I have quite a few ISO image files. They came from my homemade DVDs that I created of our kids growing up. Those ISO files are now on my laptop that has no DVD-ROM. Can I burn the ISO files to my USB stick so I can watch and follow along watching on my Samsung TV?"

Question Mark Yes, it is easy-peasy to copy your DVD ISO to USB drive to make it portable if you master the right methodology. The following text will clue you in the uncanny tricks. And you don't need to scale the learning curve.

Please note that ISO file that follows in the article refers only to DVD image file with the file extension .iso on Windows OS, or the file extension .CDR on macOS. Unlike burning Windows 10 ISO USB, you don't have to boot from it. Two different solutions and related tips will be provided below.

Solution 1. Copy DVD ISO Image to USB with Untouched Structure and Quality

One can create ISO image from real-world DVD without further ado by using WinX DVD Ripper. The entire content can be replicated to the archive file like copy and paste. Likewise, burning an ISO to USB on Windows 10 or macOS Mojave goes like the same way.

If you choose to burn the ISO image in a sector-by-sector manner, the copy speed matters because a 90-minute DVD ISO file will have 5 to 7.9 Gigabytes of file size, approximate to the original DVD.

Burn ISO Image to DVD


1. The resulting file can be re-burned into an optical disc easily since the DVD structure, such as menu and subtitle tracks, is not changed at all.

2. The resulting ISO file on USB flash drive is so quality-oriented that it can be watched on big screen device (such as HDTV) that comes with a USB port.


You USB drive needs to have sufficient free space, regularly about 8GB to hold the image file of an intact movie.


If the ISO file already exists on your computer, just copy and paste it to USB drive.

But if you only have DVDs, please follow the instructions below to rip DVD to USB:

Step 1. Download WinX DVD Ripper free. (Note: the .ext file is for PC, and the .dmg file is for Mac). Install it and launch it to get ready.

Step 2. Connect your USB flash drive, thumb drive or memory stick to the computer through the USB port. Wait until it is recognized by your computer.

Step 3. Insert the source DVD into the DVD-ROM of the PC or Mac, click "DVD Disc" button on the interface of software, and get the source DVD loaded.

Clone DVD to ISO

Step 4. Choose an output format on "Output Profile" window:
1. If you need a 1:1 copy, choose DVD Backup -> Clone DVD to ISO Image
2. If you need to output a smaller-size file, MP4 will be a better choice: go to General Profiles -> MP4 Video (Recommended; Standard MP4 multimedia format; Codec: h264 + aac; Resolution: keep original)

Step 5. Click Browse and choose the new disk as the target disk, and determine a Destination Folder.

Step 6. Tap RUN. Then the ISO image file will be saved to the data storage device.

Solution 2. Convert and compress ISO/CDR to MP4 File to Save Space on USB Stick.

Just as what we said, image file is always large in file size. Converting ISO/CDR to MP4 will enable you to save more DVD movies on just one pen drive, or make room for other documents.


1. Converting a DVD ISO/CDR image to MP4 file will reduce roughly 80% of file size (a 5 to 1 size reduction).

2. The output file will basically reserve the original high quality, since MP4 has high compression ratio.

3. MP4 format is more compatible to most playing devices and media, so you can play it unrestrainedly.


1. The resulting file does not contain DVD menu or the similar thing.

2. If you want to burn the MP4 file to a DVD, you have to rely on a DVD burning tool, such as Freemake and DVD Author.


Download and install WinX DVD Ripper free and launch it to get ready.

Important tip: Most DVD movies, either in the form of disk, folder or archive file, are encrypted with complicated keys. This is to prevent illegal use like piracy. If you are desired to burn / convert a copy-protected DVD or ISO image for home use, you need to recur to the Platinum edition.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Box

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

that is 32x real time faster. WinX Free DVD Ripper can handle regular copy protected DVDs. But if you also need to rip scratched DVDs Disney

For PC and Mac only. Go to mobile page.

Step 1. Click ISO Image; add and load the source ISO file.

Step 2. Let the DVD ripper check the main title, and choose MP4 as the output format.

Step 3. Enable Hardware Accelerator and maximum CPU core use for fastest conversion speed.

Step 4. Hit RUN to activate the ISO to MP4 conversion.

Burn ISO to MP4

A Real User Feedback:
Winx DVD has enabled me to back up my entire DVD collection as well as DVD's borrowed from friends. I have been able to rip every DVD that I have wanted to rip. When one of my computers started to fail reading it's DVD and USB drives, Digiary allowed my to install and register it on a third computer at no additional charge. I highly recommend Winx DVD Ripper and its tech support team. I have a batch of movies on a tiny 128 GB zip USB drive and can watch them from there on my tablet while flying or on my TV at home via Chromecast or the Firestick. Awesome!

Related Q&A:

Question Mark1. Does copying a DVD ISO to MP4 need booting?

A: No. Different from burning ISO of an entire operating system to a USB drive, burning a DVD ISO image to USB does not require booting,

Question Mark2. Will it has a risk of erasing everything on the drive?

No. Burning a DVD ISO image to a USB drive is just like copy and paste. It will not erase content on your USB flash drive! Before continuing, please make sure your USB drive has enough free space to save the file.

Question Mark3. Can I Us WinX DVD Ripper to burn ISO image to DVD disc?

No, but you can go to WinX DVD Copy Pro, which is a professional DVD copy program. It can mount ISO image (and create a virtual drive), and burn ISO image or VIDEO_TS folder to DVD disc.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping/copying copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

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