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[YouTube Help Tips]How to Get YouTube Views/Increase Views on YouTube

Here's tips and tricks of how to get more views on YouTube.

It is depressed that your video is discovered by very few watchers on YouTube even though it is talking about a hot topic with high quality contents in every minutes. Actually, it is hard to make your video stand out from millions of YouTube videos. If you are troubled with how to get YouTube views, tips listed in this article can help you get more views on YouTube.

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Get YouTube Views

How to Get YouTube Views

1. Optimize Video Basic Info to Get YouTube Views

It is important to give information of your video appropriately, great title, precise keywords and description etc. It will increase YouTube views to make viewers have a brief knowledge of video contents rather than confuse them with a snippet. Now, follow the five steps to optimzie video basic info.

* Adjust video to the best size and upload.
* Give a short but attractive, prominent title.
* Write an accurate and concise description in 2-3 sentences.
* Take advantage of tags. Set all of keywords included in title and description or more related terms to your contents as tags.
* Create an appealing thumbnail for your video to draw more YouTube viewers' attention.

2. Share Vide Widely to Get YouTube Views

3. Build Playlists to Get YouTube Views

Don't wish YouTube viewers to dig out your video and share it. Do it yourself! Despite of a wide range of sharing on your own Facebook, Twitter, instragram, blog etc, you also need to send video to your friends, family, classmates or colleagues and ask them for help to broadcast your video to their SNS followers.

Playlists are collections to store and classify videos which will be automatically played one-by-one. Thus, you can get more views on YouTube with playlist for viewers may watch each video in one playlist. For example, the whole playlist of Shakira hit songs will be played by Shakira's fans.

4. Keep Channel Fresh to Get YouTube Views

5. Use Annotations to Get YouTube Views

Create a channel but don't make it keep silent. Upload YouTube videos to your channel in a certain frequency to make it active and keep rankings healthy. It is unnecessary to create high quality contents for each video. For instance, you can upload a sea scenery video recorded by iPhone 6.

Annotation is text or link over your video. You can get more views on YouTube and attract subscribers by adding related annotations for your video. Also, you can customize font size, color, background color and position of annotation.
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6. Create Giveaway Contest Videos to Get YouTube Views

It is tempting to YouTubers by hosting a product giveaway contest. Before creating the contest video, you need to seek out really helpful and powerful products or goods for giving away to video viewers. It is a good method to take part in exclusive giveaways online, for example, Digiarty's WinXDVD Software Giveaway, to win free copies and then create your contest video to get YouTube views.

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It is probable that the video about WinXDVD software exclusive giveaway can attract many movie and video lovers to help you increase YouTube views, even subscribers.

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