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A kid is all that matters in a family. Parents go all out taking good care of them, for example, snooping around a slew of websites on internet to sort out funny yet appropriate contents for sweet babies to learn and entertain. Instead of looking for a needle in a bottle of hay, this roundup page will steer you in the right direction. You'll surely get the hang of selecting the best free movies, videos or music for your kids in different ages.

In the upper parts, we list best kids movies and animations, funny kids videos to watch, and beautiful songs for kids to listen to. There some guides for you to download such kids movies videos and music easily with the assistant of free WinX YouTube Downloader.

In the lower, you can find many games recommended for the under-aged or teenagers. Far beyond that, we'll bring you up to speed on tips for kids. Please click on the following item(s) and jump to where you want to go.

Guess you like to pick up animations or other kids movies around holidays, like Easter, Halloween and Christmas. Hurray! Here they are, along with animated movies list and download tips. Give free rein to your son or daughter in Children's Day and summer time!

Top 10 Kids DVDs | What're Best Kids Movies on DVD?
Here's a list of top 10 kids DVDs in 2017 which are picked as best movies for kids on DVD. Plus, the solution of how to watch kids DVDs on iPhone, iPad, Android etc, is introduced.

Best Animated Films for Kids Produced by Disney and DreamWorks
Do you have the DVDs of famous or classic animated films produced by DreamWorks and Walt Disney? Some of the animated films listed above are suitable for kids, and some are even watchable for grown-ups, such as Big Hero, Frozen, Maleficent, and Saving Mr. Banks.

List of Animation Movies for Kids
Colorful images, vivid characters and full of fantasy, all those elements make kids obsessed with animation movies. In this article, timeline of animation movies 2017/16 for kids in theaters will be listed.

How to help kids play more DVD movies on iPad, mobiles, HDTVs, etc without scratching and wrecking the discs?

You need WinX DVD ripper to rip kids movie DVDs to iPad, iPhone, Android, MP4, AVI, etc. Download a free copy and try it now!

Funny videos are always appealing for kids that are older than 3 and curious about what are happening in the world. If downloading them, you can sort out the most appropriate videos for kids to watch without any adult (sexual) contents, violence, action and mayhem, suggestive content, unusual behavior and brief strong language.

Free Download Funny Baby/Kids Dance Videos from YouTube etc.
Like to collect baby videos for fun? Get tool here to free download online cute baby dancing video clips (in English/tamil songs or not) with high quality onto your Windows PC.

Easter Egg Hunt/Surprise Videos for Kids HD MP4 Free Download from YouTube
2017 Easter egg hunt/surprise videos HD MP4 free download for kids. Free download Easter egg hunt videos, big surprise egg videos HD MP4 from YouTube with a free video downloader.

[For Kids] Easter Surprise Egg Videos 1080P HD MP4/3GP Free Download
Want to download egg videos for kids/babies? Here's the best solution to free download Easter, surprise and other funny egg videos in 1080P HD MP4/3GP from YouTube, Vimeo etc.

Free Download Funny Videos in HD for Kids from YouTube
Kids are cute, sweet and usually hilarious to make every parent feel warm and happy. However, they are too innocent to hide their anger, impatience and even act brutally but honestly. To play YouTube funny videos is a good choice to appeal children.

How to download the filtered online videos to let your kids watch funny videos safely on iPad iPhone?

You need WinX HD Video Converter to download YouTube videos to avoid kids viewing objectionable contents; also convert to any formats.

Music is an effective cure to calm down your sleepless babies or naughty kids. Here we round up the best nursery rhymes songs, lullaby songs, ABC songs and so on, and you can download them to play back on iPhone, iPad, Android device, etc.

Alphabet Kids Song/ABC Song Free Download
Have you ever tried to free download ABC song for your kids who may has already gone to the kindergarten or pre-school? Or he or she is just in the babbling stage during which all things and sounds are attractive to him or her?

Kids Christmas Songs List and Christmas Songs Free Download
On many video/music sites, you can listen to kids Christmas songs online, or pay for Christmas songs/music download. But with a free music downloader, you can free download Christmas songs for kids.

How to free download or play classic and beautiful kids music and songs?

5KPlayer can both download videos and music from 1000+ online video sites and play kids songs on PC and Mac for free.

Tips for kids are absolutely insufficient in the eyes of worried parents. When they are babies, you care about their meals; when they go to school, you are anxious about their safety and study. Most importantly, you hope they feel happy as your family member. The following kids tips may do a little help.

Best Easter Gift Ideas for Kids
Easter is a non-fixed feast, the date of which is not the same each year and is different based on Julian calendar and Gregorian calendar. To celebrate Easter traditionally means preparing gifts like eggs, bunny, flowers, etc. Or you can take in some new gift ideas for kids addressed in this article to create Easter video clips.

Top 10 Tips for Cooking with Kids
The smallest of hands can be surprisingly great in the kitchen. There are 10 tips for cooking with children. If they are into it, get sleeves rolled up and have a good time with kids by teaching how to cook.

Internet Safety Tips for Children and Teens
The online world is diverse but a little messy. Both parents and kids are encouraged to take part in this internet safety course to grab skills to protect your personal information while watching movies online, downloading video/games, etc.

Playing is somewhat the nature of children. However, some video games are 18-rated and not supposed to be seen and played by the minor. To ensure the mental health of them, we single out a few games that are suitable for kids to play.

Free PC Download Games for Kids
Lots of PC video games for kids are available for free download as long as you know where to get it. Here is a guide on where and how to free download PC games for kids. Just watch out for viruses.

Online Games - Disney Games
Beyond all doubt, there are almost no kids that can say no to Disney (DreamWorks) animated films. How about Disney games? Go to the official page and enjoy a good deal of Disney online video games.

How to Download Kids' Learning Games
Due to the development of modern technology, free and fee-based games for kids now are everywhere on PCs, tablets and phones. Find out here how to download kids’ learning games, such as games for learning English, etc.

How to Make a Video Game for Kids Six & Up
Children love playing games, especially video games, be it online or downloaded. Instead of searching free games online, you can make a fascinating video game for kids (six and up) with no programming knowledge.

How to Stop Kids from Downloading Games on a Computer
It is not feasible to watch over kids everyday to stop them from downloading games or accessing unsafe websites. But the good news is you can change your IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc security settings to achieve that.

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