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Free Download Classic Funny Cartoons Movies Videos on YouTube

The Best Way to Perform Classic Funny Cartoons Movies Videos Free Download on YouTube for Offline Playback

Nowadays, cartoon is most often used in reference to short films and TV programs for kids featuring anthropomorphized animals, superheroes, the adventures of child protagonists and related genres. However, children are no longer the only targeted audience of cartoons movies. Adults also get attracted by unique creative ideas, advanced technology (3D), appealing story and humors in animated cartoon movie. And YouTube provides cartoon videos to stream online. But if we can free download YouTube cartoons for offline playback on PC or mobiles, families can get together to watch cartoons on holidays or during a trip, even no internet connection available. And in this post, a free YouTube video downloader will be recommended to cartoon lovers.

Cartoon video movie download free

How to Download YouTube Cartoon Movies?

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe
Download and convert cartoon movie videos from/for YouTube.
WinX YouTube Downloader
Free download cartoon movies from YouTube and more sites.

WinX HD Video Converter can save (and convert, natch) videos from the likes of YouTube, and output presets for every portable device from Android to Windows Phone. - Rick (CNET Editor)

Download YouTube Cartoon Videos with a Free Cartoon Video Downloader

Free Download YouTube Cartoons

The program nominated to free download cartoon videos is WinX YouTube Downloader. It is Windows-based freeware to download any YouTube video in FLV/MP4/WebM format for watching YouTube offline. This application allows users to download YouTube cartoons with ease, such as classic funny cartoon Tom and Jerry, Chip and Dale, be it standard video, 1080P HD video, 4K UHD video or 3D video. Before moving to how to use WinX YouTube Downloader to download YouTube cartoons, you should free download it and install on your PC.

Step 1. Click chain-like button to add YouTube video URL.
Enter into YouTube, play the YouTube target video and then you'll find the URL in the address bar. Here, let's take YouTube cartoon video Tom and Jerry as an illustration.

Step 2. Click "Paste & Analyze" to add the video URL and analyze video details.
Several seconds later, you'll be provided with an output plan list. Choose anyone as you like.

Step 3. Click "Download" to process YouTube cartoons free download.

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Tips: WinX YouTube Downloader has been updated to support free downloading videos from YouTube and other 300+ video websites. So, you can download cartoon videos movies from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, metacafe and more.

Your must-have tool to free download cartoons from YouTube

WinX YouTube Downloader - Free download YouTube cartoon movies easily and fastly. 100% free and clean.

Alternatively, you can also apply WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe to free download classic funny cartoon movies/videos from YouTube. As a video converter, you're also allowed to convert cartoon videos to other formats.

Download and Convert Cartoon Video to MP4 MOV AVI and More

Free Download YouTube Cartoons

This tool is beneficial for people to convert cartoon videos to other formats, such as AVI, WMV, MOV, for special purpose. After converting, cartoon video can be perfectly played on Android pad/phones, Apple devices, and other popular gadgets, or edited by iMovie, iDVD. Also, audio files in cartoon video can be easily extracted by this video converter. There're two versions for you to choose. Download one (download Windows version or Mac edition) and install on your computer to have a try. If you're a Mac user, it is a good choice for you to free download YouTube cartoons.

Step 1. Hit "YouTube URL" to add YouTube video URL.

Step 2. Paste and analyze URL, and select output plan. Namely, which resolution, format, size and codec suit your needs?

Step 3. Check "Auto convert" in the lower left corner of this interface, if you want to convert YouTube cartoons to other format. After clicking "OK", you'll be asked to choose output profile from the auto pop-up window. Select one from the output profile list. It's absolutely at your disposal to convert animation cartoon videos to MP4, MOV, AVI or others.

Step 4. Click "RUN" to begin download and convert YouTube cartoon videos at one go. If you only want to free download cartoon videos from YouTube, please skip step 3, and follow step 4 to finish video downloading.

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Both of the tools are powerful and free for YouTube cartoons online downloading. Just choose either of them to free download funny cartoon videos for kids and you.

If you need to download and convert YouTube cartoon animations to other formats/devices at one go, please turn to WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe.

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