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Free 3D Movies Downloader: Watch Stereoscopic Content without Blu-ray

There are two technologies when referring to three-dimensional stereoscopic film (3D film in short): the true one and the false one.

The true 3D is derived from stereoscopic photography in the visual angle of human eyes. A 3D camcorder with regular motion picture camera system or two in-parallel cameras are used synchronously to record from two perspectives with slight horizontal parallax. And it costs much time in post-production that needs generating the two perspectives through computer-generated imagery and sectional drawing. It is more real and immersive, (but different from VR movies).

3D Movie

Improve Home Theater with WinX 3D Movie Downloader!

  • HD 3D movies free download from YouTube or other online video sharing sites.
  • 3D Blu-ray movies free download from online onto hard drive.
  • Auto convert 3D movies into any other video formats for playback.

All about 3D Videos / Movies

The pseudo-3D/fake 3D technology, however, turns 2D into 3D movies manually. Even the regular 3D video players have such feature, although the effect is unflattering. It is realized by shooting 2D films through common camera and then making out multiple layers and completing horizontal separation (translation).

But all in all, both are motion pictures that improve the illusion of depth perception, hence adding a third dimension and stereoscopic experience. During audiences are playing such videos with 3D glasses, the two images on the left and on the right are superimposed on retina, and neurons in brain will then produce three-dimensional visualized images coherently.

As 3D glass is becoming more and more norm and budget-friendly, the house with the deficiency of them seems to be "primitive". But on the other side, the movie sources are way limited especially in the regard of on-demand (broadcast) videos, and the slow updated pace can hardly meet our needs.

Things will be different if you download movies on your computer since there are countless channels to look for online 3D video sources. 3D video downloader software can help you aggregate more 3D movies without spending a fortune on hardware or Blu-ray discs.

WinX 3D Movie Downloader – Free and Clean Video Downloader Software

It can help you download any hot and new Hollywood/Bollywood (Hindi) movie videos or trailers in 2D or 3D 480p, 720p/Blu-ray 1080p HD, even 4K/8K resolution from 300+ sites, including YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc.

After downloading, you can choose to connect the external hard drive or USB drive (or with HDMI adapter) loaded with the downloaded stereoscopic contents to the USB port of your 3D-supported TV.

Simple User Guide of WinX 3D Movie Downloader

WinX 3D Movie Downloader is a free yet easy-to-use video download app used on Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 10 PC. It is able to download almost all kind of videos on 300+ mainstream online video sites all over the world. Let's explore how it downloads 3D movies.

After downloading, please install the 3D movie video downloader on your computer. This freeware, of the choice of millions of users, is 100% clean without any disgusting things that might be hidden in freeware.

1. Add the URL of Three-Dimensional Movie:
After opening the software and being showed with the interface, click + link-shaped icon, copy and paste the URL of the 3D movie you found on popular website like YouTube, and click "Analyze" for next step.

2. Select an Output Profile:
Basically, WinX 3D Movie Downloader supports downloading any video formats embedded in the video uploaded to the video site, like 3GP, MP4, Webm and FLV for YouTube; more advancedly, hundreds of ready-made video, audio and device profiles can be found after you click "Auto convert " button. Besides format itself, resolution, video quality and output file size should be the factors to consider. Just select out the most proper one for your need.

Best Free 3D Movie Downloader

3. Let It Start:
Click "Browse" to choose the target folder for saving downloaded movies and click "Download" button to start the 3D HD movies free download process.

After the mission is completed, you can enjoy the stereoscopic movie in whatever manner that pleases you, thereby no Blu-ray is ever needed and no money is spent.


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