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How to Solve 'YouTube Videos Won't Play/Load' Errors/Problems on (Windows 10/8/7) PC or macOS (High Sierra)

Last Updated: Aug.15, 2017 | Solve YouTube MP4 Videos Play Problem if YouTube Is Not Playing/Loading Videos or YouTube App Is Not Working?

Q: - Help! YouTube MP4 video won't play on my Chrome, Firefox, IE or any browser on my computer! It stays blank. This issue has been driving me nuts - I've deinstalled/reinstalled Flash Player, Shockwave, and Java.
- I have a Macbook pro. It seems that most youtube videos play, but some don't, just display the spinning wheel in the middle. So I'm wondering what could be the cause of such YouTube videos working problem and how can I fix it?

At times we are doomed with YouTube video not playing troubles or see others constantly complaining the problems like "YouTube videos won't load" on Safari, Chrome of laptop, or mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, etc, "YouTube video doesn't start", "YouTube video loads slowly", "YouTube loads but video doesn't play", "video gets stuck" and "video player is blank with no video".

News: was blocked by Google. This world's largest YouTube stream ripping site is still not working in downloading YouTube videos and converting YouTube FLV/3GP/Webm/MP4 to MP3 music files although it reappears in the search result list. Not only such online YouTube download sites, but also some YouTube plug-ins (e,g, for Chrome) and YouTube apps are not working at times. These days an error keeps happening when playing YouTube videos, so it's time we go to a new way of fixing the YouTube won't play/load/download errors.

Say NO to "youtube videos wont play" issues: Try the all-in-one WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe as the troubleshooting to both download and convert YouTube (HD) videos on (Windows 10) PC/Mac (High Sierra) for playback in any way. Not only download music, video and movies free from YouTube, but also convert videos to AVI, WMV, iPad, iPhone, Android, Xbox and any other common formats at NO.1 fast converting speed, with the aid of the built-in hardware accelerated video encoding technology. After conversion, you can play YouTube videos offline on any device and player!

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Solve YouTube Wont Play Video Problem

Possible Causes - Why YouTube Videos Won't Play/Load/Start?

Why won't YouTube video play or start on mobile (iPhone 6S/7/8 Plus, Android), Mac or Windows PC? The reasons may be uncontrollable, for example, the problem of the source video. It may also vary from videos themselves to hardware configurations or settings. "When videos blur, buffer, or won't play altogether, YouTube is now pinning the blame on your internet service provider (ISP).", but it might really be the reason. For instance, CenturyLink may be one factor to consider if you fail to play many YouTube videos because it experiences high bandwidth traffic during certain times.

Besides, the "cache" is another possible reason for sluggish YouTube video loading/buffering, dotted circle or some other similar phenomena, because when the memory is full of "temporary internet files'', it will hold you up greatly. It is a general case for the majority of people watching videos or playing games/music frequently. There are many other unpredictable and complicated causes for YouTube errors. (You may also like to check out: fix YouTube crash error, reasons and fixes to YouTube not working, unblock YouTube videos)

Solutions for YouTube Video Won't Load on Windows 10 Problems [Solved]

How to fix the problem when YouTube doesn't load/play videos on Chromecast, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc on Windows 7/8.1/10 computer? What to do if you have problems watching youtube video on iPhone? Please read the following online videos won't load on youtube troubleshooting:

1. If it is the Browser to blame, switch and upgrade your browser, or fresh the page by pressing F5 or Refresh icon, and then try enabling JavaScript;
2. Remove the cookies of your computer to "free up" the space. Take Mozilla Firefox as an example: Tools -> Options -> Clear Your Recent History (all) and Remove Individual Cookies;
3. Log in your PC/Mac with a Guest Account, and try Safe Mode for YouTube;
4. If you've got the Firefox add-on "Adblock Plus", which is also wreaking havoc with YouTube, try disabling and uninstalling adblock;
5. Update your Flash Player to the nearest version;
6. For most cases, the problem that YouTube won't play/load videos is caused by CenturyLink or other ISP. A possibly feasible solution is to use VPN. Basically you will succeed since it redirects your traffic through other means.

Unfortunately a VPN costs money. You still have a free alternative method to totally avoid YouTube playing/starting problems – free download YouTube videos, using online video downloader, such as ClipConverter, or free YouTube downloader software, which is much safer and more stable than the former. How to fix not working issue >>

A free and Once-and-for-all Solution to Avoid 'YouTube Video Not Playing'

Downloading online Videos from YouTube is a once-and-for-all solution to fix YouTube videos won't start/play problems. More often than not, it takes hours for a YouTuber googling and searching for a feasible answer after reading and analyzing scores of help forums & discussion threads repeatedly. Most of such issues are the results of Network, browser or flash player, so we can avoid all of these possibilities totally by downloading and playing YouTube videos offline. It is also a good way to save money since no paid upgrade of, say, your browser or VPN is necessary.

Free Download YouTube Karaoke Songs

You can free watch your YouTube videos in the following ways:

1. Download videos from YouTube:
Download WinX YouTube Video Downloader on your PC, regardless of the version of Operating System, install and launch the 100% clean and free software without worries, click + button to add the URL of any YouTube video -> let the video be analyzed -> choose an output format (usually MP4) in your desired resolution, quality or file size -> click OK -> define the Target Folder -> hit Download button.

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After this, you can play YouTube videos on all popular players, such as 5KPlayer, VLC and KMPlayer, smoothly on your computer.

2. Stream HD or Ultra HD YouTube videos to iPad iPhone:
Download Air Playit (First download Windows or Mac edition of serve part on your PC or Mac, then download Client App from App Store on your iPhone or iPad. Both are completely free. Air Playit can convert 320 different audio video on the fly and stream the YouTube music/video to iPhone 6S Plus/6/5S/5/4S, iPad Mini 2/3, iPad Air 2, iPad 2/3/4 and Android with Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G network.

In such way can you download and watch 1080p or 4K YouTube videos on the move as flawlessly and flexibly as you can! If you still have some trouble about YouTube Videos not loading/playing on PC/Mac, please feel free to Mail Us >>

How to Solve YouTube Videos Wont Play Prob?

WinX YouTube Downloader
Free download videos when YouTube is not playing/loading.

Free download and play (YouTube) videos/music easily on PC.

WinX can save (and convert, natch) videos from the likes of YouTube, and output presets for every portable device from Android to Windows Phone. - Rick (CNET Editor)

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