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How to Extract Audio from DVD as AC3 5.1 Channel Audio File?

Wish to copy DVD to a file containing only original audio? WinX DVD Copy Pro has a special function to allow you to extract audio only from DVD...

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Q: I teach listening in a college. In order to develop the interests of my students and make my class more vivid, I decided to play the audios of hot movies on the class for listening training. I have, to keep pace with the times, some latest DVD movies but I wonder if it is possible to get audio from a DVD?

- The answer is absolutely yes! You can directly rip audio off the DVD for teaching or other purposes by using WinX DVD Copy Pro.

Merits of AC3 Format File

AC3 (Dolby Audio Coding 3) is composed of up to 6 audio channels, specifically, 5 channels for normal-range speakers (20 - 20,000 Hz) and 1 channel (20 Hz - 120 Hz allotted audio) for the subwoofer driven low-frequency effects. In specific, the surround system provided by Dolby AC3 typically consists of 5 pure frequency domain channels including left front, right front, center, left rear and right rear and 1 ultra-low track, called 5.1 channel.

Generally, DVD accepts 3 kinds of audio formats: AC3, MPEG2 and DTS. Compared with the latter two, AC3 mainly has the strong points below:

Good sound effect: AC3 audio is born with extremely good audio effect; it enables you to feel original DVD audio and surround sound;

Small file size: AC3 has high compression ratio, so the file size is small but the sound effect is amazing. The AC3 file of small size is easy to copy and carry;

No subtitle: the AC3 audio file extracted from DVD contains no subtitle, which is customized to listening practice for both personal study and public instructional use;

Easy controllability: you can pause, go fast forward or rewind this audio file grabbed from DVD conveniently;

Meritorious recoverability: AC3 audio can be recovered, with excellent recovery effect. All information within 6 channels is digitalized in the processes of making and restoring, so the information loss is very small.

Therefore, WinX DVD Copy Pro, an up-to-date DVD backup solution provider, chooses AC3 which is more frequently used in DVD as the output audio format to satisfy the needs of the masses.

What Can AC3 File Be Applied to?

AC3 audio can be played by VLC, WMV, and common players for DVD. If you cannot play AC3 file directly, try to install an AC-3 filter on your computer.

Furthermore, extracting audio from DVD has other applications besides enjoying the original DVD sound:

Ripping audio from a DVD is useful for further edition. The extracted audio from DVD can be added to the self-created video for some video edition lovers. Audio extraction is also applicable to homemade DVD. The uses can be more only if you can imagine.

How to only Extract AC3 Audio from DVD in a Simple Way?

If it is useful for you, extracting audio off DVD saves more time than ripping video to a great extent. There is a click-and-go way to grab only the audio from a DVD and save it as AC3/5.1 channel audio file. What's better, you can also select the title you need for audio extraction while letting other unnecessary titles go to spend less time and make the extracted AC3 file smaller.

Before getting it started, you'd better get everything needed well prepared. The things you need for extracting audio from DVD are: Windows OS, completely clean WinX DVD Copy Pro downloaded here and a DVD from which the audio needs to be extracted:

Step 1: Launch WinX DVD Copy Pro before or after you put the source DVD in the drive of PC and browse to choose the folder to save the target AC3 audio file;

Step 2: Choose "Extract Audio Only" for your purpose with this professional DVD copy software;

Step 3: Select the title number you want to extract; for the whole content of DVD movie, "main title" is suggested;

Step 4: Choose the audio ID, audio language, audio format or channel listed on the right;

Step 5: Just click "Run" and go.

Extract Audio From DVD

Steps of Extracting Audio from DVD

In addition to extracting audio only, WinX DVD Copy Pro branded to provide varied DVD backup solutions also has special abilities to Extract Video Only and Copy DVD Chapter to meet demands of different people.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate ripping copy-protected DVDs for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the DVD copyright laws in your countries before doing so.

Still have trouble about only extracting audio from DVD? Please feel free to Email Us >>

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