How to Download YouTube Music Playlist Video to MP3

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YouTube to MP3

Learn how to download YouTube music playlist video to MP3.

Question Mark "Is there any program to download an entire YouTube playlist as mp3 files? I know the bitrate doesn't make much of a difference but since the memory on my computer can handle infinite amounts of songs, I'd prefer it to be able to download mp3's 320 kbs"
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Now I think there are two questions here that are related but need to be elaborated separately. What is unclear to you is first of all how to download YouTube playlist to MP3 and then how to download YouTube music playlist as MP3 with the highest possible audio quality by adjusting bitrate, sample rate, etc, while the output size does not matter much to you. Specifically, as for people's concerns of downloaded YouTube songs, how to get a 320/256 Kbps MP3 YouTube music playlist?

How to Download YouTube Playlist to MP3?

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is an all-in-one YouTube downloader and converter. Free download it now to download any playlist video to MP3 format at one go.

Obviously, we have answers for all:
- For people in urgent need of downloading YouTube playlist to MP3, go directly to the downloading steps;
- For those wanting some information about YouTube first, read this tutorial from the start;
- For who has converted YouTube music playlist to MP3 but need further editing, jump to this section.

#1 - YouTube Music Playlist Download

YouTube, with abundant and constantly updated collections of hot songs or top singles playlist, movie clips and trailers, educational videos, funny homemade videos, etc., should really be your first option to find your loved music playlist. It serves as the main source of entertainment for most people. But as we all know, YouTube offers no easy ways to download music videos or any other videos available on it, let alone download YouTube playlist as MP3. You might find links listed below aimed at downloading YouTube music playlist of some top 40 singles, kids songs playlist or Christian Gospel songs playlist. But I guess also you've already got familiar with things like "The download doesn't work, it says link deleted".

Download YouTube Playlist to MP3

Hot YouTube Music Playlist
US Top 40 Songs (Full Length) - Billboard Singles
US Top 40 Songs This Week 2018 (NEW MUSIC)

#2 - How to Download YouTube Playlist to MP3?

The answer is to get a professional YouTube music downloader. It is not the only option, but surely the best and easiest one. Here I recommend you one of those well-received YouTube downloader for music playlist to MP3 downloading. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, functioning as both HD YouTube downloader and video converter, is just the right tool for you to download and convert YouTube playlist to MP3 all at once.

Here are the downloading steps: (FREE Download and install WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe first)

Step 1: Click "YouTube URL", copy and paste your music playlist URL to analyze it.
Step 2: Choose one presented resolution/format/size/codec. To download YouTube playlist directly to MP3, never forget to tick the button "Auto convert". Press "OK" button and go on.
Step 3: Select one output format. Here choose MP3 in "to Music" under the Output Profile.
Step 4: Hit button "RUN" and start to download YouTube playlist as MP3.

Download YouTube Playlist As MP3

#3 - Download YouTube Playlist to MP3 320/256 kbps

If you have special need of audio codec or other parameters editing, like downloading YouTube playlist to MP3 320/256 Kbps, follow the downloading guidance listed above till the step 3. After making sure that your YouTube playlist would be downloaded as MP3, click the button of output setting to do the adjusting, as shown in the picture on the right.

1. Click the wheel-shaped button to get into the output video/audio parameter setting section.

2. If you want to download YouTube playlist as MP3 with specific bitrate settings, move to the Audio Options part, and you are free to adjust audio codec, channels, sample rate and bitrate. Both sample rate and bitrate have effect on audio quality. Basically, the higher the sample rate is, the closer the output MP3 playlist is to the original one.

Download YouTube Playlist to MP3 320kb

Note: The software developer doesn't advocate downloading, or copying of videos and music on YouTube for commercial use without explicit consent from the copyright holder, since any redistribution without the approval of the copyright owner may violate the copyright laws. Please do not do copyright infringement.

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