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How to Download and Rip Pandora Music to MP3 on PC/Mac

Download Pandora Music to MP3 or Free Download Music from YouTube

Q - "How to download music from Pandora to iPod? I have my iPhones jailbroken and l have all this music collected from using the downloaded tweak. I'm curious as to how to rip the music from Pandora to my actual music library. I've downloaded Bridge & iFile to try, which doesn't seem to work. Help please!"

Many people ask if it is possible to download songs from Pandora. Of course, yes, you can download/record Pandora music. This is a help center offering tutorials including how to download music from Pandora, how to rip Pandora songs to MP3 and tuition in YouTube music video free download.

Download/Record Music from Pandora

Download and rip Pandora music songs to MP3 for playing on iPhone/iPad/iPod with the help of an all-in-one HD video downloader and converter - WinX HD Video Converter for Mac

Previously: What Is Pandora?

Pandora (Pandora Internet Radio), only available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand, is favored by people mostly for its music streaming and automated music recommendation service. Enter one of your favorite songs, and it will create a radio station featuring that music and more like it. Except for online enjoyment, people now are more likely to opt for free downloading Pandora music to MP3 for freely playing back on Apple or Android mobiles and tablets. So how to download or record music from Pandora? Is there any Pandora music downloader for PC or Mac?

How to Download/Record Music from Pandora

There are several ways to free download Pandora songs, including using add-on in web browsers and ripping music from Pandora into MP3 with an all-in-one music downloader and converter, such as WinX HD Video Converter for Mac, which enables you to record every move on your Mac screen due to its embedded free Screen Recorder. And music playing in Pandora is no exception. In addition, you can download and convert recorded Pandora music video to MP3 all at once. Let's see how we rip music from Pandora to MP3:

Download WinX HD Video Converter for Mac to get a free-trail experience.
Step 1: Click "Screen Recorder" and the recorder window will pop up.

Step 2: Adjust capture settings, such as capture area, audio device, target folder, etc.

Record Pandora Songs
Record Pandora Songs

Step 3: Press "Start" button to initiate the Pandora music download. The recorded video will be auto added to the convert list and you can convert your Pandora music video to MP3 or directly to iPod, iPhone, iPad, etc by selecting the output profile.

Free Download Pandora Music from YouTube

It goes without saying that YouTube delivers the best video/music experience for most people. So apart from enjoying music offline via ripping Pandora songs to iPhone/iPad/iPod, you can also download YouTube music playlists to MP3 simply by copying and pasting the video URL with free YouTube downloading tools, such as WinX YouTube Downloader. Also you can get the list of your favorite songs on Pandora and then go to YouTube to download Pandora songs.

How to Free Download Music Video from YouTube

1. Free download WinX YouTube Downloader on your PC.
* Totally Free * 100% Safe * High Video Quality & Fast Download Speed
2. Enter an artist, genre or composer and find your to-be-downloaded songs on Pandora.

Step 1. Remember your Pandora music title and do a search of it on YouTube.

Step 2. Launch the free YouTube downloader and click "+" button, after which the video URL will be auto detected. You can manually add the link by copying and pasting. Then Analyze it.

Free Download Pandora Music
Free Download Pandora Music

Step 3. Choose an output file format and resolution.

Step 4. Press button "Download" and you will be able to free download Pandora songs from YouTube.

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