How to Download Embedded Video from Websites to Computer for Free

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Download Embedded Video

3 Methods to Download and Save Embedded (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) Videos for Free

Publishers embed videos into blogs or websites with the purpose of driving visitors to get better understanding of how to do something, product features, new technology and so on. Some of those embedded videos are local files uploaded by the site owner while most of them are shared videos from YouTube, Vimeo or similar sites. All embedded videos can be played on pages. But if trying to watch offline, you'd better download them from websites to computer.

Here, we will introduce three easy methods to download embedded videos from any website for free.

Method 1. Download Embedded Videos with Desktop Program [Recommended]

A large number of video downloaders in the market unlock more powers to get video content off websites, expanding from special online video-sharing sites to virtually all web pages which include embedded videos. WinX YouTube Downloader is the picked program which can help you fulfill embedded video downloading with ease.

WinX YouTube Downloader – Download ANY Video with Ease

  • 100% Free, Clean and Safe;
  • Support 600+ Sites;
  • Available for Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit) or Lower;

For Windows only. If you are a mobile user, please click here.

WinX YouTube Downloader is a free, safe and powerful application available for Windows. Initially designed to download YouTube videos, it now becomes an almighty downloader to save a variety of videos (embedded videos included) and music offline. According to quality of source video, you can download embedded videos with a resolution of 720P, 1080P or even 4K in MP4, WebM while keeping crisp images and hi-fi sound. With this program, you will enjoy superfast and stable downloading performance.

How to Download Embedded Videos with WinX YouTube Downloader

1. Download and install the latest version of WinX YouTube Downloader on your computer.
2. Get the link of the embedded video you want to download.
How to Get:
• If it is a video uploaded by the owner, find the share button and click "Copy Link".
• If it is an embedded video from YouTube or other sites, right click the video and select quot;Copy video URL".

Copy Link of Embedded Video

1. Launch WinX YouTube Downloader and click "Add URL".
2. Click "Paste URL & Analyze" to import the link of embedded video and get it analyzed.
3. Soon, the list of outputs varying from quality, format, frame rate and size will be shown. Check one of them and click "Download Selected Videos".
4. Click "Browse" button to set a new output folder.
5. Click "Download" now button to start downloading embedded videos.

Download Embedded Video with WinX YouTube Downloader

Method 2. Download Embedded Videos with Browser Extension

Capable extension available on browsers offers a pretty convenient way to capture media content locked on a page. Flash Video Downloader is one of the most popular addons for Chrome and Firefox. It allows you to download (flash) videos from various websites in a few of clicks.

How to Download Embedded Videos with Flash Video Downloader

1. Install Flash Video Downloader on your browser.
Open the store or addons of extensions for browser. Search Flash Video Downloader and then add it. Soon, you can get flash video downloader icon on toolbar.

2. Visit the site which includes embedded video you try to download.

3. Click Flash Video Downloader icon. It will automatically detect video content on the page and give several editions with different resolutions and formats. Choose one and click Download. And it will download the embedded video from website to hard drive.

Download Embedded Video with Flash Video Downloader

Please note that: you need to install an additional FVD Downloader Module for Firefox if you want to stream a HD video. Download feature is only available for low quality videos.

Method 3. Download Embedded Videos with Online Tool

If you're unwilling to install a program or extension, using online tools to download embedded videos is the preferred choice. There're many websites working as online video downloaders with the capability of extracting video content from a page. is one of the most commonly used online tools and here we will show you how to download embedded videos via it.

How to Download Embedded Videos with

1. Get the link of embedded video following "How to Get" guide introduced in method 1.

2. Open in browser. Insert the link into the textbox and click > button.

3. Soon, it shows many options for quality (resolution/frame rate) and size. Select one and click Download MP4 button.

Download Embedded Video with

Please note that: Sometimes, you will be redirected to a video playback page when trying to download a 1080P embedded YouTube videos. Right click the player and click "Save video as…" to download the embedded videos to computer.

Bottom Line: The Best Way to Download Embedded Videos

All three methods enable you to easily download embedded videos from any site and flexibly save HD or SD files offline. Online tools offer the most convenient way because no installation is needed. Browser extensions further simplifies the process because it can accurately capture media content on page and omit the step to find out the link of embedded video. Desktop programs seemingly require more preparatory work, but it offers the most powerful functions and more available options for downloading without limitations.

In the following, let's get a comparison among the three typical tools, WinX YouTube Downloader, Flash Video Downloader and


WinX YouTube Downloader

Flash Video Downloader

Download Quality

Any quality
4K, 1080P, 720P, 360P etc.

Direct download for SD;
Requires installing another module for HD downloading.

Direct download for 720P or lower;
Redirect to another page for 1080P downloading.

Download Speed





100% safe and clean

Had reported as browser hijacker; bundled-ads.

Full of ads and sponsored content on page.


Very stable

Had removed and blocked by browsers for several times.

Had experienced outage and not working issue for several times.

To sum up, browser extensions and online tools offer handy experience for once downloading, while desktop programs are better to download HD (1080P) videos from more sites and bring safer and more stable downloading performance.

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