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Download and Convert YouTube to FLAC to Keep Audio Fidelity

FLAC is typically the format of 1st option for audiophiles, and most record labels adore it, as well. Basically because FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) can yeild 1:1 quality of CDs (lossless encoding algorithm adopted) at 50–70% of the file size of the original and it's especially useful for editing, mixing, or any process related with generation loss or other quality loss.

Beyond that, FLAC is widely supported by most hardware and software, including car devices, DJ players, home audio AV receivers/amplifiers, home media servers, DVD player, Windows media player, GOM player, VLC player, Plex, iPhone iPad, Android, etc. All these together makes you decide to download and convert YouTube to FLAC audio format, not MP3 or other lossless audio formats (e.g., ALAC, WMA, WAV).

How to free download and convert YouTube to FLAC music format? You have 5 ways to go!

Solution 1: WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe, a feature-rich YouTube downloader and converter, brings you with almost every feature concerning video processing you need. Check below:

  • Free download online YouTube videos (movies, audios, etc.) and convert to FLAC lossless audio format at one go, regardless of video in 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K or 8K. YouTube is not the only one site, roughly 1000 video sites supported!
  • Extract audio from YouTube and save audio as other lossless formats like ALAC, WMA, WAV or lossy formats AAC, MP3, AC3, etc. with better compatibility.
  • As its name implies, converter - its prime purpose is to transcode videos. How many video audio codecs it support? More than 370 codecs! Convert any video from/to MP4, MOV, M4V, H264, HEVC, VP9/8, AV1, AVCHD, M2TS, VOB, iPhone iPad, Android, Xbox One, PS5/4...
  • Let you free adjust audio codec, audio channels, sample rate, bit rate, as well as video resolution, frame rate, video aspect ratio...

Here is a quick tutorial video to download any video from the video sites for those who don't want to read the whole article.

How to Download and Convert YouTube to FLAC?

First, install the converter on your computer:
free download the YouTube to FLAC converter for Windows
free download the YouTube to FLAC converter for macOS
Then let's get started to download and convert YouTube to FLAC.

Step 1. Copy and paste the YouTube URL.
Run the converter and click the "URL" button. Copy the YouTube URL of the YouTube video/MV, then paste it into the text box and analyze the video information. Select an option you'd like. To convert YouTube video to FLAC, check the Auto Convert box on the left bottom corner of the small window and then click OK > Run.

Step 2. Choose FLAC as your output profile.
After the YouTube video is downloaded, it will automatically bring you to the conversion page. As you want to convert YouTube to FLAC, choose FLAC (lossless audio) as the output under category "Music". You can also convert YouTube to AAC, MP3, AC3, ALAC, WMA, etc.

How to Download convert YouTube to FLAC
How to download and convert YouTube to FLAC

As for YouTube hi-def video conversion like 4K, 8K Ultra HD video, the built-in GPU (Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD) hardware acceleration tech does you a big favor! It whopping irons out the potentional risks YouTube 4K/8K conversion might bring, including desktop lagging, CPU 95% usage, high temperature, software crash, converting freezing issue...

Step 3. Locate a destination folder to store converted FLAC audio file. Just click "Browse" to select a folder from your computer, your USB stick, or your portable device.

Step 4. Hit RUN to begin downloading and converting YouTube video to FLAC at one go.

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Solution 2:, no YouTube download feature, specializes in video conversion. Therefore, when it comes to free convert YouTube to FLAC lossless audio format, is a must mention. As you can see, it supports audio conversion, as well. You can use it if you convert FLAC to MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, AIFF, etc. lossy audio formats for better compatibility. Well, come back to the main track and read the below guide to free rip FLAC audio from YouTube video using online.

Step 1. Head to
Open official website, choose your YouTube video files (downloaded already) from computer. Or import YouTube footages from Dropbox and Google Drive.

Note: your YouTube video can't be successfully added unless its file size is within 50MB. If the size is over 50MB, you're required to download its shareware product with more features.

Step 2. Choose FLAC Under Audio Column
Opt for FLAC (lossless audio) as resulting file format under category "Audio". You can also convert YouTube to another 7 audio formats or 6 video formats (MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, MPEG2).

Step 3. Tap Convert Button
Hit Convert button and this online YouTube to FLAC converter will begin to decoding YouTube video to FLAC audio online.

Converting YouTube to FLAC using
Converting YouTube to FLAC using

Step 4. Hit Download
Click Download button after the conversion is complete. Meanwhile, you're allowed to directly save resulting FLAC audio file to Dropbox or Google Drive if computer is not your destination folder.

Solution 3: VLC media player

Similar to the above-mentioned tool, highly acclaimed VLC player also only features video conversion capacity, no download feature. If you need to download YouTube first, go back to the 1st YouTube to FLAC downloader converter or read the below 2-in-1 freeware. For those who purely desire to extract audio from YouTube as FLAC, read the following steps:

Step 1. Launch VLC media player
Run your VLC media player on your Windows or macOS. Here we conduct the conversion task on Windows PC for your reference.

Note: you'd better to resort to a computer with GPU hardware acceleration tech supported if your YouTube video is 4K 2160p or even higher 8K 4320p with compute-intensive HEVC or AV1 codec. Once your hardware configurations (CPU, GPU, RAM) are high enough, VLC player can auto activate its hardware-accelerated decoding (Automatic, Direct3D11 Video Acceleration or DirectX Video Acceleration 2.0) to improve your 4K YouTube to FLAC conversion speed, removing laptop lagging or CPU overuse/overheating problems.

Step 2. Click "Convert/save..." option under Media menu
Tap "Convert/save..." option under Media > hit "Add" button to load your YouTube files > click "Convert/save" at the bottom of the interface.

Load YouTube to VLC
Load YouTube to VLC

Step 3. Choose FLAC
Select FLAC from Profile section. Afterwards, tap "Browse" icon to choose a destination folder to save FLAC audio file.

Select FLAC as output format
Select FLAC as output format

Step 4. Hit Start
Click Start button to call YouTube to FLAC converting begin. You can directly play the resulting FLAC file on VLC after the conversion.

Solution 4:

2-in-1 YouTube video downloader & converter - videomp3convert, is also a free online tool to help you free download YouTube video and rip YouTube audio as FLAC format. On top of YouTube, it accepts whatever you feed it, URL from instagram, facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, liveleak, bilibili, etc. 15+ video sharing sites. No registeration or software installation needed! But one thing you must bear for online freeware - Ads. If you're okay with ads and pedestrian conversion speed, here we go!

Step 1. Navigate to
This free online YouTube downloader converter is well compatible with almost any browser. Access to this site first.

Step 2. Paste YouTube URL and choose FLAC
Paste YouTube video URL to the analyze box and then click the drop-down list to choose FLAC as resulting format.

Step 3. Click Convert Button
Tap Convert button to convert YouTube to FLAC lossless audio format.

Step 4. Download FLAC File
You'll be greeted with a pop-up notice (shown below), tap "Download Now" and the downloading engine will go into action instantly.

Download FLAC
Download FLAC

Warm Prompt: you're suggested to exit other running softwares so as to make enough network bandwidth for YouTube to FLAC conversion.

Solution 5: Freemake

Freemake should not be placed at the last of the review list, right? But why? The sequential order doesn't equal to the quality (or level) of one product. Instead, Freemake is received more preference. We'd like to introduce freemake 2 dedicated products - Freemake video downloader and Freemake video converter.

If you only need one feature, download and install one of them. Freemake video downloader enables you to free download videos in almost any format from 1000 sites (it claims on official site and you can test this on your own). Freemake video converter is standing out of the crowd to let you fast convert YouTube to FLAC and many other formats (similar to majority of converters).

Since the download and convert procedure is much of a muchness compared to above tools (the same 3 steps needed), here skips the redundant tutorials. Check here if you do need.

The intention of this post is not so much to declare a champion as to point out their specific features. There are shareware product, free online YouTube converter, free video player, free YouTube downloader. Single out the most suitable one grounded on your own needs. That's our purpose. Certainly, there are still plenty of room for these 5 products to improve. You're warmly welcomed to share with us your perspectives concerning these 5 software or even better programs you've ever used via Email or FB/twitter official accounts.

Extended Knowledge:

Why convert YouTube to FLAC rather than MP3 or other lossless audio formats ALAC WAV WMA?

Simply put, FLAC has more pros compared with other audio formats.

  • FLAC is lossless compression while MP3 is lossy compression. FLAC has much higher audio quality than MP3.
  • Open source and free license.
  • FLAC can get restored if files get partially corrupted.
  • FLAC is widely supported by most hardware and software (click to know the details), compresses audio file up to half the size of the original audio data, and allows tagging. On the contrary, other lossless audio formats (e.g., ALAC, WAV, WMA) suffer from the problems of inferior compatibility, large file size and no tagging.

Disclaimer: Digiarty Software does not advocate downloading or copying copyright content for any commercial purpose and suggests referring to the copyright laws in your countries before doing so.


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