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How to Copy DreamWorks Animation DVD - Rise of the Guardians to DVD 1/2/3

Learn How to Copy DreamWorks' Animation DVD Rise of the Guardians to DVD.

The Rise of the Guardians DVD, Blu-ray, and Blu-ray 3D were released on March 12, 2013.

Do you like aesthetic Kids' movies Rise of the Guardians? Do you have the DVD of Rise of the Guardians produced by DreamWorks? How to back up the DVD to have in reserve in case the original disc is scratched and damaged by the bad kitty or naughty kid?

Best DVD Backup Tool to Copy DVD Rise of the Guardians

WinX DVD Copy Pro is best DVD copy software provided with complete function to copy DVD to DVD, DVD to ISO, DVD to DVD folder, and extract background music from DVD, and so on. The most advantage is the output has no quality loss.

WinX DVD Copy Pro has strong ability to clone normal DVDs and deal with CSS protected DVDs, region 1-6 DVDs, as well as DVDs stumbled with Disney X-project DRM, Sony ARccOS bad sectors and other DVD burning obstacles. It is a once-and-for-all program to help do the backup and burning of all animated/cartoon movie DVDs without the use of any third-party software.

Guide to Copy Rise of the Guardians DVD to DVD/ISO

If you want to HandBrake rip DVD Rise of the Guardians, the result may disappoint you. Handbrake does have the ability to convert some general DVDs with the help of VLC serving for finding and recording the main title, it can't get past the copy protection built in DVD Rise of the Guardians. And it requires enough expertise to make parameter settings manually. Besides, it cannot support duplicating DVD to DVD.

Unlike the free video transcoder software, WinX DVD Copy Pro is the intelligent DVD copy and clone software that is very easy to use. Here we take copying DVD Rise of the Guardians to DVD as an example. Feel free to download and install it.

Computer Requirements:
* Windows OS, including Windows 8 (32 & 64 bit)
* Two DVD-ROMs

Copy Rise of the Guardians DVD
Copy Rise of the Guardians DVD

Step 1: Launch the software, choose "Clone DVD to DVD" under "Full DVD Backup" category.

Step 2: Insert the DVD Rise of the Guardians to the DVD-ROM of your computer; make this animated movie as your "Source DVD" and then insert a blank writable DVD in another DVD-ROM.


  1. It is suggested to keep the default settings with all four encryptions checked and sector number "32" chosen to read and jump.
  2. For DVD to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder copy, you may define the disk and folder to save the "Target File".

Step 3: Browse to choose the Temp Folder outlet, which should has the free space of over 9GB. You may delete the temp folder once finished.

Step 4: Simply hit the big "Run" button and get a 1:1 copy of Rise of the Guardians within 25 minutes.

The operation flow is the same with copying other DVD like Mission Impossible 4.


author - Donna Peng

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Home > DVD > DVD Lists & News > Copy Animation DVD Rise of The Guardians


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