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How to Free Transcode/Convert MKV to MP4 Video on Mac (macOS High Sierra Included)?

Why We May Need to Free Convert MKV to MPEG4 on Mac?

Possibly many reasons propel us to search for a free MKV to MP4 video converter performable on our Mac OS X Mountain Lion/Mavericks/Yosemite/El Capitan and macOS (High) Sierra, for example:

1. MKV is still out of reach of mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android tablets, Samsung/HTC/Google Nexus, PSP, etc, and even cannot be played by PC directly if there’s no proper player or codec installed;
2. MP4 can stream H.264 videos (like flash videos and YouTube videos), whereas MKV cannot unless you use webm compression and HTML5;
3. MKV video file is somewhat "heavy" for storing/saving, transferring and sharing;
4. Some old HD videos are not compatible with our new Mac OS anymore, such as macos High Sierra.

How to Free Convert MKV to MP4 Video on Mac?

WinX Video Converter for Mac - Convert MKV to MP4 video file on Mac while keeping the original audio video quality! You can play the output video on iPhone, iPad, Android, etc at one go.

WinX Video Converter for Mac is absolutely the fastest and most stream lined I've ever seen and no offers or demands of toolbars or other stuff I don't need. - Comment by Kelly

Converting MKV to MP4 on Mac Is Not Simply Changing the File Extension

Free converting Matroska to MPEG4 video on Mac does not simply mean change the file extension from .mkv to .mp4 on Mac; it should stretch to making the MKV files playable on our mobile devices, HDTV or HTPC while losing no video/audio quality, especially, since quality loss is the big concern of many MKV to MP4 conversion searchers:

"What file format should I pick in order to get the best quality of sounds/image out of my MKV video? i.e. MP4, AVI etc. which way would you recommend to do get its best quality after converting MKV?" – Mike

Free MKV to MP4 Video Converter on Mac

"I've been trying to convert a 720p MKV video file to a 720p MP4 file with NO video quality loss. I've been trying to do this for ALMOST A WEEK with no luck. All these threads go on about 'demux' then you 'remux' then you whatever 'mux' ughhh!!! Instead of spending weeks on trying to convert these damn 720p video files, isn't there a program that I can just drag the file onto, set it to MP4 and get my file with no quality loss?!?!" – Javilionaire

Here is the best free video converter for Mac that allows you to convert HD MKV video to MP4 video totally free for playback on iPhone 6/5, iPod Touch 5, iPad Air/Mini, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire HD, PSP, WP8 and so on. Not only transcoding the Blu-ray video MKV to MP4 on Mac, it can also convert HD camcorder video formats or standard videos like AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG and FLV while offering 15-20x real time converting speed and allowing for video editing and parameters settings.

Guide of Free Converting MKV to MP4 on Mac without Quality Loss

Free Transcode MKV to MP4 Video on Mac

Seldom MKV video converters dare to guarantee 100% quality maintenance in MKV to MP4 conversion process, even including some commercial programs. But the following guide will show you how to reduce the quality loss to the maximum when free transcoding MKV to MP4 video on macOS Sierra using a Free Video Converter for Mac.

Get Ready: Download the free MKV to MP4 converter on Mac, install and open it. If you need a Windows version, just download the Free Video Converter for Windows.

Step 1: Add your MKV source file from Mac. This free Mac video converter supports batch conversion mode, so you can upload many files needed to be converted one by one by dragging or clicking "+" button. You are even enabled to merge the MKV videos to be an entire one.

Step 2: This step is very important. Different from simply choose MP4 as the output format, you are advised to find "AVC HD Video (H264)" in HD Video option under "Common Video Profile" which will deliver higher video quality with .mp4 extension in order to get the best quality video.

Free Convert MKV to MP4 Video on Mac

Step 3: This step is about changing the parameter settings to get the best quality. There are three things you are suggested to do:

A. Adjust the output quality to "HQ" on the interface of out profile, the conversion time of which will be longer;

B. Check "Use High Quality Engine" on the right for better image effect;

C. Set the value of Bitrate in settings to be higher. You can keep VBR, or choose to CBR and increase the value.
>> CBR vs VBR

Step 4: Hit "RUN" button and begin the free MKV to MP4 video conversion on your Mac. Before that, you are flexible to change any other settings or the Destination Folder.

After a tea break, you can get the MKV changed to MP4 video without quality loss!

If your aim is to play MKV videos on iPhone, iPad, Android or other devices directly, the Ultimate edition of HD Video Converter for Mac may suit you better. It is 32x real-time faster and is preset with as many as 381 output profiles to meet all your video conversion needs more flexibly and conveniently! No matter you are a newbie or a master, it is truly a once-and-for-all video tool because of its YouTube video downloading, photo slideshow making, live video recording and editing functions.

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