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A Detailed Review on 2019 Top Free Internet Video Downloader Software

Want to find an internet video downloader freeware that suits you most? Here we offer you a slew of choices to get the most ideal internet video downloader for your Mac/PC, for your browsers and for your mobile devices. And even if you just want an online downloader service for internet videos, read on! We bet you'll also find the article very helpful.

* Best Free Internet Video Downloader Freeware for Mac/PC

Internet video downloader freeware - 5KPlayer for both Mac/Windows PC
This free internet video downloader is an all-in-one media player that offers one-stop solution to download online 8K/5K/4K/HD movies and videos of almost all formats including MKV, FLV, AVCHD, AVI, MP4 from over 300 websites like Metacafe/YouTube for offline entertainment and a tidy organization of your media empire. The bonus is that this internet video downloader can also perfectly realize multi-platform media streaming and cross-screen playback via AirPlay. It works on Mac Mavericks, Yosemite, Mojave and Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.

The Best Free Internet Video Downloader among Them All

The most functional internet video downloader freeware would be 5KPlayer, which combines omnipotent playback function with online video download ability supported by over 300 websites and MP3/AAC conversion utility. It also tops the list on Softonics as one of the fastest internet video downloader freeware. Download 5KPlayer for free and get it on yourself!

Internet video downloader freeware – MacTubes for Mac
MacTubes allows you to download YouTube videos and subscribe to video channels on YouTube. But it only works with YouTube and downloads in only one format.

Internet video downloader freeware – Flashget for Windows
For download addicts, Falshget also proves itself to be one of the top internet video downloader software with excellent download speed and browser monitoring. It works with BitTorrent and eMules files and basically every download protocol –HTTP, FTP and MMS.

Best Internet Video Downloader

* Best Free Internet Video Downloader Plug-ins/Toolkit for Browsers

Internet Video Downloader Extension – Downloadhelper
This internet video Downloadhelper works well with Chrome and esp. with Mozilla Firefox web browsers. It allows you to download in the format you choose and instantly detects videos. Very powerful and easy to operate.

Internet Video Downloader Extension – RTMPDumpHelper toolkit
RTMPDumpHelper is a RTMP streamed internet video downloader that facilitates downloading video streams from streaming sites like Hulu and justin.tv. By combining RTMPDumpHelper and the RTMPDump toolkit for your browser, you can simply open a Web page containing RTMP video stream in your favorite Web browser. While watching the video it'll be saved to your disk automatically as .flv or .mp4 file.

Note: Chrome browser also has a built-in downloading feature to directly free download internet videos.

* Best Free Internet Video Downloader Freeware for Android/iPhone/iPod/iPad/winRT/Windows Phone

Internet Video Downloader for Android/iPhone/iPod/iPad/Windows RT/Windows Phone
The most thoughtful multi-platform internet video downloader would be VLC as it works well on almost all mobile devices. It offers a Download Content button on the interface so that you can click to see a URL box to paste links for online videos download. It is extremely easy to use indeed! However, be careful when using VLC codec packs, since they are not recommended for download.

Internet Video Downloader for Andoird
Free Direct Download Manager is a web browser for android with a built-in internet video downloader. It helps you download internet videos, images, musics etc. from wap sites to your Android devices fast and easy.

Internet Video downloader for iDevices
The Video Downloader for iPhone works like a charm in terms of video download. It is 100% free with no download limit.

* Best Free Internet Video Downloader Online Service

Free Internet Video Downloader Online – Keepvid
Keepvid internet video downloader is an online website that shows up with a box in which you can paste the URLs of your wanted videos. It is easy to use without the need to download any software or browser extensions.

Free Internet Video Downloader Online Service – Vine
Vine provides the free online video download service that does not require any third-party programs. Videos on Vine can be downloaded directly via right click. Therefore, if you are fond of downloading Uptown Funk or bad blood music videos, check whether those videos are provided on Vine for a right-click-download.

* Internet Video Downloader Alternative –Screen Capture Programs

Thanks to the encryption methods and IP protection, some internet videos are virtually impossible to download! Snagit and CamStudio are the two most recommended internet video downloader alternatives here that can help you download those internet videos from Hulu, Sling TV and Netflix in an innovative way -by screen capture.

5KPlayer has this screen recording function added for saving online videos and download & play 4K videos. You can directly record your iPhone 6/6s screen on your Mac/PC while the phone is playing Star Wars movies or doing a 4K video recording.

Best Internet Video Downloader to Download Online Videos

Step 1 - Download this internet video downloader - 5KPlayer and install it on your Mac/PC

Step 2 - Copy the URL of the internet video you want to download

Step 3 - Paste the link into the analysis box of the internet video downloader freeware.

Note: The URL is successfully analyzed if a videostrip appears under the box.

Step 4 - Click the download button on the videostrip to free download internet videos.

Free Internet Video Downloader - Download Hello Adele

The Bottom Line:

Internet Video Downloader Management and Editing Tips:
With this powerful internet video downloader – 5KPlayer by your side, you can easily download internet videos from YouTube to MP3/AAC and manage all those downloaded internet videos by creating playlists or tagging your favorites. It also enables you to add subtitles to those downloaded online videos and movies, rotate videos if they are recorded by your phone in landscape mode, and deinterlace videos if there are disturbed by saw type distortions. You can even take snapshots from videos to make your own ideal desktop background.

VideoProc Box


All in one: a fast video/audio/DVD converter, a video editor, a video compressor, a video recorder, and a video downloader. It helps cut, crop, merge, adjust, and process (4K) videos with Full Hardware Acceleration.

For PC and Mac only. Go to mobile page.

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