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All The Latest iPhone 6S Leak Information about iPhone 6S Release Date/Price/Specs etc. You Need to Know

iPhone 6S Leaked/Announced Information Roundup - iPhone 6S Release Date/Price/Specs/Images/Trailer/Video etc.

Apple's every new gadget catches all the lights before its finally being there, so does iPhone 6s! Nine months later after iPhone 6's releasing, 9to5Mac firstly leaked the look and detailed specs of iPhone 6S, and then analyzed it jointly with Chipworks (a company concentrating on technical teardown). Finally, Apple has launched iPhone 6S/Plus together with new iPad mini 4, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4 on Spet. 10. Specific features and images got out in succession. Let's first take an overall look at iPhone 6S leak resources about iPhone 6S release date/price/specs/images etc.

iPhone 6S Leak - Release Date

Apple previously released its new iPhone models on a Friday in September. Last year iPhone 6/Plus were out on 19th September so that 18th September is the most possible iPhone 6S release date according to conjecture of Tech medias. Unexpectedly, iPhone 6S/Plus was put to people on Sept. 10 and available to purchase since Sept.25.

iPhone 6S Leak - Price

There no so solid clue about iPhone 6S price before, and iPhone users generally can take the similar price as iPhone 6/Plus or a little above. Until 10 July, when an internal Walmart memo was leaked which showed that Walmart priced 16GB iPhone 6S at $218, 64GB at $318 on contact. But Walmart later officially announced that it's a typo and the iPhone 6S in the document should be iPhone 6 Plus. Until now, we eventually know the truth: iPhone 6S/Plus will be available for pre-orders in 12 regions from this Saturday, which are Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States of America (USA).:
• USA: iPhone 6S 16GB: $199, iPhone 6S 64GB: $299, iPhone 6S 128GB: $399
• USA: iPhone 6S 16GB: $649, iPhone 6S 64GBt: $749, iPhone 6S 128GB: $849
• UK: iPhone 6S 16GB: £539, iPhone 6S 64GB: £619, iPhone 6S 128GB: £699
• UK: iPhone 6S Plus 16GB: £619, iPhone 6S Plus 64GB: £699, iPhone 6S Plus 128GB: £789 ...

iPhone 6S Leaked Specs with Photos

As to the reports from US medias and Chinese supply chain Foxconn, iPhone 6S specification improvements are disclosed as follows.

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iPhone 6S Leaked Specs Review

4.7" iPhone 6S; 5.5" iPhone 6s Plus

3D (Forch) Touch Display
Forch Touch was a new haptic tech introduced in Apple Watch and MacBook PC before, and this time is involved in the new iPhone 6S, enabling the handset to sense the force user applies to the display, light or deep, so as to navigate the screen more flexible/sensible.

iPhone 6S Leaked Images

Processor & Chip
The next chip used in iPhone 6S family is really "Apple A9". iPhone Brand-new Qualcomm MDM9635M/9X25 chip can double the LTE download/date speed theoretically, and can furthermore prevent the gadget from warming up under normal use.

Upgraded camera
iPhone 6S is the first iPhone model to feature dual-lens camera system with 12-megapixel back/5MP front camera sensor. That's to say, shooting 4K video will be an easy task with iPhone 6S. The latest leak that Apple will support recording video at 240 fps slow-motion speed also makes 4K video recording a must-be. >> Reduce 4K Video Size

Internal storage
Owning 2GB of RAM, iPhone 6S still remain the 16GB (Toshiba) minimum capacity/low-end model in a large degree, which is suggested to promote the selling of iPhone 6S with higher internal storage at higher price. Yes, like many users said, it's just done for business use.

As to other specs, Apple at last do increase the breadth of color options, adding a new rose-gold to iPhone 6S models. >> iPhone 6S Review

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* If you're an unabashed Apple aficionado, do not take other three Android phones into consideration;
* HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: All-glass and metal S6 wins M9 in many ways, for S6 is more fashionable in design, runs much faster in performance, supports wireless charging/payments/heart rate monitor etc. But M9 does better in sound quality due to its Dolby-enhanced stereo speakers.
* How about iPhone 6S vs Xperia Z5 vs Galaxy Note 5? Samsung and Sony have brought us about Galaxy Note 5 and Xperia Z5 recently with surprisingly 4K screen, the latter of which comes with 4GB of RAM, 21MP camera, 4500mAh battery life and Type-C USB port while the former one is reported to feature no MicroSD Card Slot, and have write on PDF function. So exciting a commercial model, ah? If you have no bias on the Android or iOS, not so need a phone, it would be well to choose according to real needs.

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