4K Torrent Download Guide: How to Download 4K Movie Torrents?

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4K Movie Torrent Download

Download 4K UHD video torrent? Read this 4K movie torrent guide first

"Lately my wife bought a cheap 4K TV, but we couldn't find any 4K torrent content online or anywhere for free download. I thought there would be many out there. Are there any other UHD movie or 4K torrent trackers that may have got ideas? Thanks for any help on downloading 4K movie torrents."

The Current Situation of 4K Torrent Download

4K movies, commonly in 3840×2160, are available in 4K Ultra High Definition. When it comes to how to watch 4K videos, we round up the following channels:

* Play 4K Movies: Up to now, only a few 4K Ultra HD movies have been released, and the world-ranked movie producer giants like Sony have made available the 4K video torrent service through its 4K UHD media player.

* Stream 4K Video Torrent Online: YouTube and Vimeo have already allowed for streaming 4K content. Specifically, there are more than 7500 4K videos on Vimeo. Netflix and Amazon have been provided with 4K streaming releases for a while already. But to stream a 4K movie, you will have to need extremely high bandwidth.

* Rip 4K Content from Netflix and Amazon: Pirates have found a new loophole that allows them to rip 4K content from Netflix and Amazon which were supposed to be well protected against pirates. But this act is somewhat illegal in many regions and countries, so it is not recommended by us.

* Download 4K Movie Torrent: iTunes has only up to 1440p and 1080p videos. Even on PTP, the 4K torrents are quite insufficient. There are only a handful of 4k film sources, and many of them are short. Such free downloadable 4K shot films, demos, samples or clips are compressed by H.264 format, whose resolution is only one quarter (25%) of the original videos. There is some 4K test video online, but it is as large as 500G, which will definitely defeat your mobile HDD and download/upload speed. Luckily, increasing number of true full-length 4K movie torrents can be downloaded directly online from top 4K movie sites, for example. You can try to download 4K movies from online video sites with the following tools.

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Why Cannot Download 4K Movie Torrents Online?

Nowadays, most films projected in cinemas are of 4K resolution. But each of such films is over 100G in size, which is almost impossible and unnecessary to be uploaded to the internet. This is why we can hardly find any 4K torrent online. But there do exist some exceptions:

-The First 4K Movie (160GB): Tom Lowe has released his stunning documentary TimeScapes, a silent portrait of our planet captured with exquisite 4K cinematography.

-The First 4K Porn Torrent: Huccio, an adult porn site announced that it became the first company with provision of 4K UHD porn movie download. In the meantime, it promised to format all of their produced movies into 4K for users.

Steps to Compress 4K Videos

The Development Trend of 4K Torrent Download

Although 4K technology has not been popularized yet, the prospect of the Ultra HD resolution is quite promising. There are already so many monitors and displays supporting playing 4K videos, such as 4K TVs. We can play 4K resolution videos on iPhone iPad, and can even play videos on 5K iMac. Hopefully, consumers can finally watch 4K videos on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One one day.

With respect to 4K video availability, on one hand, Blu-ray manufacturers will produce three-layer Blu-ray discs each is believed to store a compressed 4K movie in 2015 since it will have 100GB of space. On the other hand, Google YouTube has announced an amazing scheme to make a much larger selection of 4K video available, by use of VP9, a new compression technology. It means that YouTubers will be able to download 4K movies and videos from YouTube before long with the help of a free HD YouTube video downloader.

It is predicable that 4K torrents will be within everyone's reach, along with 5K, 8K and the greater video sources when the next-gen HEVC (H.265) compression era arrives.

Download 4K Videos with WinX YouTube Downloader

Before 4K torrents overflow on the internet, we can download 1080p video torrents from any of the top 10 torrent sites, or download 4K test videos, MVs and scenery films instead. Most of them are only several minutes long and 500MB to 2G large, so are very easy to download and save. Here we take downloading a 4K test video using free WinX YouTube Downloader as a reference so that you can see how excellent a 4K video will be.

Step 1. Download and install WinX 4K torrent downloader, and double click the icon to launch it when you need to download 4K videos. It also enables you to free download 4K videos at 60fps.

Step 2. Go to youtube.com, and find a 4K UHD video.

Steps to Compress 4K Videos

Step 3. Click +(add) button on the UI, and copy and paste the URL of the 4K YouTube video.

Step 4. Click "Analyze" button and select a format/resolution option among the listed. To keep the original 4K UHD video quality, tick the "3840x2160" option and click OK.

Step 5. Start to "Download" the 4K torrent videos from YouTube. After a while, you can get the downloaded 4K video and can play it on your PC, iMac and (Sony) 4K TVs and so on.

Download 4K Videos with VideoProc

You can also free download 4K torrents with VideoProc, which also supports changing resolutions, convert aspect ratio, change video formats from, say, MP4 to AVI, M2TS to FLV, MKV to MPEG, FLV to MP4, AVCHD to WMV, etc, or transfer videos to different devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Samsung, HTC, Amazon, Google, Widnows Mobile, Xbox and PS4. And, it enables you to upconvert 1080P HD video to 4K (HEVC) with clearer images for watching on 4K monitors (like 4K TV). This tool features extreme download and conversion speed, thanks to the support for Hyper-threading, Intel QSV, MMX-SSE, Nvidia CUDA/NVENC and AMD 3DNow! technologies.

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