Apple TV, Apple's media-streaming solution

Apple TV, Apple's Media-streaming Solution

  • In many respects, Apple TV, Apple's media-streaming solution, was ahead of its time. It predated what has become a wave of AV-centric network products.
  • After Apple announced the Apple TV, quite some buzz was created although it is far from a unique concept. In addition to iPod compatibility, expectations were created on how Apple could make a device that is finally user-friendly enough for recommending to less experienced users. In a few words, the Apple TV could stream all kind of iTunes content from a PC or Mac to your TV, it is includes movies, TV shows, music, photos, and more.
  • The Apple TV went on sale, and all kinds of reviews have appeared since. gave some remarks on the Apple TV, called it an elegant solution, and streamlined setup. And says the device "just plain works." However, I have seen some significant shortcomings with Apple TV. Some of which can be overcome in the near future, such as the lack of high-quality high-definition content from the iTunes store available for sale.
  • Though, the Apple TV is not suitable for everyone, as you are tied to the iTunes store for all streaming content. This is the Apple may be reluctant to change, but will make devices more useful to a larger crowd. Moreover, despite the connection options in the small devices, composite and S back to a wide range of video jacks are absent, so if your TV can not support 480p wide-screen image or better, you could not use the Apple TV.
  • With this 480p wide-screen image or better Apple TV, you just need a powerful Apple DVD Converter ( to play your favorite DVDs on Apple TV, nice holiday with Apple TV.