Push mail comes to iPhone

Apple introduced that their push mail to Apple

  • Last week, Google has announced that they have included push notifications for Gmail on iPod Touch and iPhone, like a petulant teenager who knows how to get his own way, Google did it behind Apple's back.
  • iPhone owners using iPhone OS 3.0 or newer will be able to automatically synchronize messages to their phone without intervention, within seconds of being sent an email by making use of Google Sync.
  • Google, it is offering the ability to sync contacts and Google Calender entries instantly as well. For some time, all of this functionality has been present in Google's iPhone software - just now with Push. If you already use Google Sync, it is easy to setting it up, just need a matter of toggling the setting. Google noted that if you treasure your battery life, the always-on nature of push email would result in heavier power drain, something to consider.
  • Apple have allowed outside applications to including push functionality, although it is still against the idea of making the iPhone a multitasking device. More programs support some form of Push on the iPhone matures as software development, it makes an internet-connected phone all the more interesting to tote around.
  • There are also some limitations. If you already have an exchange account set up, you are out of luck. The iPhone supports one exchange account only. Search is limited to already downloaded messages and there are some iPhone-side limitations on the amount of e-mail addresses that can be synced per contact. Still, it is a good start, and it is free.
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