PSP Go, more of a competitor to Apple's iTouch

PSP Go, More of a Competitor to Apple's iTouch

  • Sony has officially confirmed specifications for the latest hardware revision for the PlayStation Portable, the PSP Go.
  • The PSP Go is the PlayStation Portable handheld videogame console to be manufactured by Sony. It was revealed prior to E3 2009 through Sony's Qore VOD service. It is scheduled for release on October 1, 2009 in American and European business address. Although its design is significantly different from other PSPs, it is not intended to replace the PSP 3000 which Sony will continue to manufacture, sell and support.
  • Differs from previous PSP models, the PSP Go does not feature a UMD slot but instead has 16 GB of internal flash memory to store games, video and other media. This can be extended by up to 32GB with the use of a Memory Stick Micro flash card. It is 43% lighter and 56% smaller than the original PSP-1000, 16% lighter and 35% smaller than the PSP-3000. It has a 3.8" 480x272 LCD (compared to 4.3" on previous PSP models) and is closer in size to the iPod Touch (at 3.5"). The screen slides up to reveal the main controls.
  • Sony has said that it hopes to attract new developers to the PSP Go reducing the price of the software development kit by drastically, in an effort to bring in talent already flocking to new, cheaper opportunities such as Apple's iPhone.
  • Speaking exclusively to, Sony Europe's new president and CEO Andrew House said that the PSP Go will stand strong against handheld competition as it's one of the first dedicated games machines to embrace a purely digital format.
  • As rumor has it that Sony is opening up its PlayStation Store to a wider group of developers, paving the way for small games and apps to be released on the service. The PSP Go may be more of a competitor to Apple's iTouch than we originally thought.
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