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Apple tablet launching by Christmas; a Kindley 10-in. iPod Touch?

  • Apple is apparently sharing details of its long-rumored tablet device with media companies, including book publishers hoping to get their content on the Kindle competitor due to launch by the holidays, according to a big scoop in the Financial Times.
  • Apple's also making deals with record companies to revive the album format by offering multimedia bundles, instead of just music tracks and video clips, the story said.
  • These bundles would be a nice way to showcase the capabilities of the tablet, which sounds like a cross between a Kindle and a supersized iPod Touch.
  • Of course, stories have been trickling out for months about the Apple tablet and the FT is citing only people briefed on the plans. But at some point Apple had to start sharing details with media companies whose content is crucial to the device, and they've got looser lips.
  • A fall launch would also be a classic tech industry move, drawing attention from Microsoft's launches of Windows 7 and a new Zune. It would also get Apple into the game ahead of Amazon.com's next Kindle launch and the early 2010 arrival of a bunch of devices based on Plastic Logic's digital paper technology.
  • The FT reports that the tablet is a touch-sensitive computer, with a screen up to 10 inches diagonally and Internet (and iTunes) connectivity.
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