The Blu-ray 3D Videos Specification Finalized

Blu-ray 3D Videos Specification Finalized

  • Blu-ray videos fans could rejoice as Blu-ray technology looks like it's taking a step forward. The Blu-ray Disc Association has published the details of its final specification for 3D-enhanced Blu-ray video, dubbed Blu-ray 3D.
  • With that in place, the format will have the ability to send a stereoscopic 1080p image to the user, it employs an amended H.264 codec known as Multiview Video Coding (MVC) to deliver stereoscopic 3D images, which is backward compatible and surprisingly only uses about 50 percent more data than equivalent 2D media.
  • In addition to these, the format supports 3D navigation menus and subtittles. Viewers won't be attached to a particular display technology for the 3D effect and should expect it to work with OLED or other screens that are either young or yet to be released. It should be explicitly compatible with the PlayStation 3 once its firmware its updated to recognize the added depth.
  • Certainly, software and hardware producers should have access to the technical information "shortly" and should lead to a slew of new devices and software support.
  • It better than backwards compatibility, the PlayStation 3 will be forwards compatible with the new discs -- a new HDTV setup with IR emitters and glasses will still be necessary. PlayStation 3 owners will be able to enjoy 3D games and 3D movies once its firmware has been updated to recognize the added depth.
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