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Popcorn Time Free Movies Download for PC, Mac, iPhone, Android for Offline Playback

Want Popcorn Time free movies? Learn how to download them right now!

Warning: Downloading copyrighted movies may be illegal. Use at your own risk!

Popcorn Time is a piece of famous cross-platform free software BitTorrent client that offers free movies and TV shows streaming and download. Several months after its debut, this application with clean Netflix-style interface was installed on over 1.4 million devices in the United States, 1.3 million in the Netherlands - a country with a population of less than 17 million people, 700,000 in Brazil, and 500,000 in the United Kingdom, according to the information shared by TorrentFreak. If you still don't have idea about downloading Popcorn Time free movies to PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and more devices for offline viewing, now is your chance to approach the guide.

download popcorn free HD movies from pc to iPhone iPad

You may need to transfer downloaded free Popcorn movies from PC to iPhone iPad
It's easy with WinX MediaTrans! This clean tool can transfer free Popcorn movies in any quality and any format from PC to iPhone iPad fast without hassle. Built-in auto-convert option can change format from unsupported to iOS fully compatible MP4 (H.264) format. Free download it to transfer files and do other things.

How to Download Popcorn Time Free Movies - Save Free Popcorn Movies Locally?

To begin with, we should download and install Popcorn Time application on our target device. But before any further, we want to tell you whether Popcorn Time is free, safe and legal to use?

Is Popcorn Time free?
Yes, this free movies and TV shows app is totally free to download and use. You won't be charged for its service.

Is Popcorn Time clean and safe to use?
To date, virus, adware or anything bad haven't been found in the copies downloaded from official sources. And, you're always suggested to download a copy from the developer's site instead of redistributors to avoid third-party add-on adware and anything untrustworthy. One last thing to note is that it currently doesn't do harm to our device but there's no guarantee it won't never do it. So, you'd better download an anti-virus program while dealing with Popcorn Time.

Is Popcorn Time legal?
This question is controversial. Developers claim that it's lawful to use Popcorn Time, because Popcorn just works as a search engine to find content that is already available publicly. Despite that, they also warn users that downloading copyrighted material may be illegal. The legality much depends on the region where you live. In the US, you may get in copyright trouble, but in Canada you're allowed to download or stream content provided that you don't try to reproduce it. So, be sure to check copyright laws in your country.

download popcorn time free movies app

How to download Popcorn Time app for free movies watching?

Step 1. Open your browser, and then navigate to Popcorn Time website to download this free movies app.

Step 2. Find the version compatible with your operating system. Click the appropriate button to download Popcorn Time free movies app.
>> Check detailed guide on downloading Popcorn Time for Windows PC
>> Check how to download Popcorn Time for Mac
>> Check detailed guide on downloading Popcorn Time for iOS-powered iPhone iPad
>> Learn how to download free movie app Popcorn Time for Android

Step 3. Install it following the on-screen guide.
After that, you can stream free movies with preferred quality on Popcorn Time. But by default your movie file folder will be removed automatically after closing app. If you want to download Popcorn Time free movies for offline viewing, you have to do what we tell you below.

download popcorn time free movies for offline watching

How to download Popcorn Time free movies for offline playback?

Step 1. Locate Settings icon and click it.

Step 2. Check Show advanced settings, scroll down to Cache Directory, and then uncheck Clear Tmp Folder after closing app?

Step 3. Get access to Cache Directory, and then you will see several sub folders: torrent-stream, TorrentCache and zero or more like fb8f6d21fer3948b2497439b4d540294c42653df. The folder named by long letters-numbers is the one storing downloaded Popcorn Time free movies. After downloading free Popcorn movies to PC/Mac, you can transfer downloaded movies to Android, iPhone, iPad, USB flash drive and other devices.

Have difficult in transferring Popcorn free movies to iPhone iPad? Now, it's easy!

With WinX MediaTrans, you can transfer any Popcorn free movies from PC to iPhone iPad. No matter what quality they are, 2160p, 1080p or 720p, no matter what format they are in, MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV or others, this program can recognize them and transfer to your iDevice quickly, easily, without quality loss. Unsupported format will be converted to iOS device playable format MP4 automatically. Movie in vertical mode can be rotated to horizontal for better viewing experience. And, this tool can do more than movie file transfer!

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