iOS 10 Features: Top 8 New Features Apple New iOS 10 Has

iOS 10 New Feature Posted by Estrella H.| Last Updated: Sept. 13, 2016

iOS 10 New Features Roundup | What Attracts You to Upgrade to iOS 10

iOS 10 has been officially released. Many iPhone iPad users are wondering what new features iOS 10 has compared with iOS 9. Whether is it worth to get an iOS 10 update? Here in this post we roundup top 8 iOS 10 new features.

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iOS 10 Release Date and Top 8 Remarkable Features of iOS 10

Apple new iOS 10 has been released in September 2016, along with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and a new update version iOS 10.1.1 has also been released lately. Users can choose to update to iOS 10/iOS 10.1.1 now. >> How to Fix iOS 10 Update Problems on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Top iOS 10 New Features # 1 – Better Security System than iOS 9

One of hottest rumored iOS 10 new features is that Apple is going to build 'Rootless' security system in iOS 10, which makes it impossible to jailbreak the new operating system. If it's true, then for those users who don't need to jailbreak the OS, it doesn't make any difference and they can get a safer and securer iOS using experience. However, for those jailbreak lovers, it's gonna be a big headache problem and a long journey in the jailbreaking process, and they will struggle a lot whether upgrade to iOS 10 from iOS 9 or not.

Top iOS 10 New Features # 2 – Hide Apple Preinstalled Apps

Another cool feature of iOS 10 is users will be able to hide Apple's own apps. It's rumored Apple will add some new code to its apps which could realize hiding/removing app. This code is rumored to add an entry labelled "isFirstPartyHideableApp" for each app.

Indeed, how many of you seldom use some of Apple's many built-in apps and want them out? So this maybe a good way to gain a more clean and tidy Home interface when you don't use some apps often, so as to improve the user experience a lot.

Top iOS 10 New Features # 3 – Standalone HomeKit App 'Home'

A HomeKit app appears in new iOS 10. It is designed to allow users to control all your smart home devices and other non-traditional devices from one central hub. Users can use it to communicate with a wide variety of external devices and collate their data, so they can easily check which accessory you want to turn on, turn off, or adjust without actually operating it. In other words, you can virtually control the home devices, for example, you can turn on the TV or air conditioner through this app.

Top iOS 10 New Features # 4 – iCloud Voicemail

iOS 10 vs iOS 9, another popular new feature iCloud Voicemail may be added to iOS 10. Apple is rumored to work on adding this new feature to Siri, which makes it possible to allow Siri to speak to your callers directly and transcribe voicemail messages into text stored in the iCloud. Thus let users quickly glance at the voicemail messages rather than listening to them. To be specific, when you have a calling in and you can't answer the phone right now, iCloud Voicemail could transfer the information to callers regarding where the recipient is, and why he/she can't answer the phone. If the new iOS 10 will really equip this feature, then we don't want to wait any longer.

Top iOS 10 New Features # 5 – Contact Availability Detect

Contact availability status, if this new feature is present in the Apple new iOS 10, it'll work just like Find My Friends App. iOS 10 iPhone would enable users to check whether their contacts are available for speaking, detect where they are and even can see their friends iPhone status like Airplane Mode or Silent. With this function, users can no longer worry about whether friends are available or not.

Top iOS 10 New Features # 6 – Redesigned Apple Music App

Apple new iOS 10 also redesigns the Apple Music App with a more intuitive interface. The modified Apple Music app is featuring a black-and-white background and add new "Browse" and "For You" options.

Top iOS 10 New Features # 7 – Photos App Improvements

The new iOS 10 also makes some improvements in Photos app. New features like adjusting photo's specific parts brightness or other parameters is added into the new iOS 10. There are rumors saying that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus may have a dual-lens camera which may also bring iOS 10 updates in Photo app.

Top iOS 10 New Features # 8 – 3D Touch

3D Touch feature was first introduced into iPhone 6S/Plus. Though it was made available to different apps of the phone now, Apple still needs good reasons to further raise the importance of 3D Touch. iOS 10 will integrate 3D Touch feature into Control Center. If this feature is extended to the Control Center, then users can simply press the menus in the Control Center to access to the settings of a specific menu.

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