iPod to PC Transfer: How to Transfer Music from iPod to Computer Without iTunes

[iPod to PC Transfer] How Can I Transfer MP3 AAC Music from iPod to PC Windows 7/Windows 10 Easily Without iTunes?

"Hi, does anybody know of a free program or way for iPod to PC transfer? I want to transfer all my music from my iPod onto my Windows 7 PC, or to my iTunes library. I know there are programs to do this but I cannot find one to transfer all 1095 songs I have."

Does iPod seem a faded gentility? Once an MP3 player of all the rage, it is now likely to be replaceable by a single iPhone by a long way. But the fact is, NOT completely! There are still more than 400 million people own an iPod (despite not all of them are frequent and regular users). Some may still need to transfer music from iPod to computer. The article will provide an easy guide on iPod to PC transfer without iTunes.

What you will need:
WinX MediaTrans
An iPod touch
A Windows PC
A USB cable

Need Easy and Free iPod to PC Transfer?

WinX MediaTrans - Guarantees no music file loss

Transfer all your music, even YouTube MP3, DRMed M4P, songs purchased from iTunes Store or music apps, from iPod touch, iPad, iPhone to PC.

iPod to PC Transfer Guide: Transfer Music from iPod to Computer Without iTunes

Your iPod touch is not designed for unique storage of your media. It is not a media backup and transfer device made for making a master copy of your media onto a computer against loss.

It means that you have to use an app, software or a tool to achieve iPod to PC transfer. WinX MediaTrans is the best of your choices.

Follow the steps to transfer any music files from your iPod to PC.

1. Download and install the iPod to PC transfer software on your PC that is running Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

2. Set the output path: Click the gear-shaped icon on the top of the main interface, choose the first item, "settings", and then "Path", and set any folder and place next to "Music" as the default path for exported items. Thus you can find your exported songs easily every time.

3. Connect your iPod to PC via the USB cable, and open WinX MediaTrans.

4. After all media files being loaded in a short time, choose part or all of audio files from your iPod by checking "Select All" or ticking the box of music files one by one.
Audio Formats Supported by iPod touch:
AAC (M4A, M4B, M4P, up to 320 Kbps)
MP3, WAV, AA, AIFF (Learn: AAC vs MP3)
* All are supported by WinX MediaTrans.

5. Click "Export" button on the top, and click "Sync" button on the bottom.

Copy and transfer music from iPod to PC via WinX MediaTrans

1. After syncing data, WinX MediaTrans has exported the files you've selected from iPod to your PC or external hard drive. The output music files can be opened directly under "Settings" or be found in the default path you set on your computer.
2. What makes the music transfer tool better than iTunes is that only the selected files will be synced to PC, and the original files will be in your iOS device as well. In this way, no data loss will be caused. (Read: Top 5 iTunes alternaitves)

iPod to PC Transfer: Sync Music from iPod to Computer with iTunes

Many iOS users transfer iPod to PC using iTunes as it is the default Apple tool to sync media files. It is also an all-in-one app that allows you to download, purchase music play music directly on PC and manage the songs downloaded from iTunes Store, which will recommend you various music, songs and albums according to your preferences and let you know newest music information and ranking list.

However, iTunes music syncing feature has been frequently complained by Windows users:

On one side, when putting songs on iPod or iPod touch with iTunes, all the previous media files synced from computer or iTunes library (like, songs, playlists, iBooks, photos, etc.) have great chance to be erased. You may get your music files or entire music library lost without notice. The worst part is the music you purchased disappears along with it and can never get back.

On the other side, the content purchased from third-party music apps is an exception for iTunes to sync, although it can sync non-iTunes music from PC to iPod iPhone iPad. That is to say, some music videos, for example, other people's cover songs you downloaded from YouTube may fail to be loaded to iPod touch using iTunes because your Apple ID that has been signed in will detect the songs automatically. If they do not belong to Apple music library, they won't be played on your iPod. In a word, the third-party music synced by iTunes might not be able to play.

iTunes has so many restrictions and cons in iPod to PC transfer. Compared with that, WinX MediaTrans is much more user-friendly.

WinX MediaTrans - Easiest Media Transfer between iPhone/iPod and PC

Box of WinX MediaTrans

1. It transfers media files without the need of iTunes and Apple ID signed in.
2. With a USB data, it syncs files locally, as easy as Copy-and-Paste.
3. It supports all music files in iPod, iPad and iPhone for exporting.
4. It can add non-iTunes (such as third-party) music or folder from PC to iPod/iPhone.
5. It will auto convert non-supported music to Apple format and make them absolutely playable.
6. It allows you to delete and manage iOS music files on PC safely without any data loss.
7. [Stand-out] It removes DRM copy protections from iTunes purchases before transferring to PC.

You May Need Other Tools

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

  • Rip any DVD for iPhone, iPad & Android.
  • Convert DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, ISO, etc.

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

  • Convert 4K/HD/SD videos to any formats.
  • Download videos from 300+ online sites.


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