Causes and Fixes of iPhone not Restoring Backup from iTunes/iCloud Error

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How to Fix "iPhone Can't Restore Backup from iTunes/iCloud" Error?

"My iPhone can't be restored from backup. It runs through for an hour or more. When it's almost done, it says 'can't be restored from backup'. I tried backing up to my computer and it says the backup is corrupt." - From Official Apple Support Community

Usually, we can restore backup of old phone to new iPhone without a hitch, while some unlucky people get a filed recovery result from varied reasons. If you are experiencing the same problem as iPhone not restoring backup from iTunes/iCloud, here we would like to pull you out of this trouble.

Now, let's check causes and fixes of "iPhone can't restore backup" issue.

1. No Enough Space for Backup Restore
2. iTunes Backup Is Corrupt and Incompatible
3. Unknown Error During Restoring from iTunes
4. iOS Version of iPhone Is Older than iOS Version which Made iCloud Backup
5. iPhone Can't Restore Backup from iCloud Because of Network and Unfinished Restore

1. No Enough Space for Backup Restore

Fix: When an alert pops up telling you that there is insufficient space on your iPhone to restore backup, you need to free up iPhone storage.

Firstly, open Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage to check available storage and what takes most space on your iPhone. Next, copy documents and data (for example photos, videos, songs, e-books etc.) and then remove them from your iPhone.

If you are unwilling to sync iPhone data to computer via iTunes or iCloud, WinX MediaTrans is a good alternative which can easily transfer photos, videos, songs, ringtones, e-books, Voice Memos and more media files between iPhone and computer only if your iPhone has well connected to PC/Mac via USB cable.
>> How to Use WinX MediaTrans

Best Way to Backup iPhone Data

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2. iTunes Backup Is Corrupt and Incompatible

Fix: Some errors happen when you back up with iTunes but no message is given. It is the reason why your iPhone won't restore backup from iTunes but the warning "the backup was corrupt or not incompatible" appears. Deleting the broken backup will be a fix.

Delete Corrupt or Incompatible Backup to Fix iPhone 7 not Restoring Backup Error

• Find location of iTunes Backup
On Windows: Type %appdata% in search bar and then go to Roming/Apple Computer/MobileSync/Backup
On Mac: Hold down Option and click Go to open the library folder and navigate to Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
• Copy backup folder to desktop.
• Open Preferences of iTunes and find click Device tab.
• Select all backups in the list and click Delete Backup.
• Copy the backup folder from desktop to the Backup/folder.
• Restart iTunes and restore again.

If iPhone still can't restore from iTunes backup after following above steps, you may need to create a new backup of your old phone and restore the new backup to iPhone.

3. Unknown Error During Restoring from iTunes

iPhone Can't Restore Backup Because of Unknown Error

Fix: Every time you got the message that iPhone can't be restored from backup due to unknown error occurred, you can get an error number as well. Different error number indicates different reasons for not restoring problem, for example hardware, USB, software and more.

In order to fix those unknown errors, you'd better make sure your computer, USB cable, network are reliable, iTunes and iPhone iOS have updated to latest version. And sometimes, you need to disable or even uninstall all security software completely.

For detailed solutions for unknown errors of iTunes backup restore, please check this Apple Help page.

4. iOS Version of iPhone Is Older than iOS Version which Made iCloud Backup

Activate DFU Mode to Fix iPhone 7 not Restoring Backup Error

Fix: If you have downgraded iOS version but made an iCloud backup before downgrade, iPhone not restoring backup from iCloud error probably happens. At that time, you can activate DFU mode to perform recovery.

• Connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes.
• Press and hold Sleep/Wake button and Home button together for 8 seconds.
• Just hold Home button after 8 seconds later until "iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode" message appears in iTunes.
• Release Home button and your iPhone will go to a black display. Now, it is in DFU mode.
• Restore your iPhone using iTunes.
• Finally, restore from your iCloud backup.

5. iPhone Can't Restore Backup from iCloud Because of Network and Unfinished Restore

Fix: To restore from iCloud requires a powerful and solid network connection. Once Wi-Fi is disconnected, you cannot get a complete and successful backup recovery to your iPhone.

iPhone not connecting to iTunes Store

If your photos, videos, songs, e-books fail to restore to iPhone from backup, you can take advantage of third-party transfer software, for example WinX MediaTrans to import them which have been stored on computer to iPhone instead of restoring from iCloud again.

WinX MediaTrans features syncing any media file, including photos, videos, music, ringtones, e-books, audiobooks, Voice Memos, podcasts, iTunes U between iPhone iPad iPod and PC/Mac. Besides fast transfer speed, it can preserve all data perfectly with no quality loss. And, nothing will disappear from your devices. It fully supports iPhone 15 and previous models.

You May Need Other Tools

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