iOS 10 vs iOS 9: New Features, Updates and More Changes

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iOS 10 vs iOS 9 Full Comparison List

What's the climax of WWDC 2016? Of course, iOS 10. Announced as "Big. Bold. Beautiful", Apple put a number of big changes into iOS 10 pushing it to be most-advanced iOS ever. Through several beta versions, the official iOS 10 is finally released on September 13. However, it's still a question whether iOS 10 does really work well as billed, which brings a hesitation to upgrade to iOS 10 from previous iOS 9. In this case, a full comparison of iOS 10 vs iOS 9 is seemingly quite necessary to help us make decision. And you've already done the upgrade but feel like the previous version is better for you, downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9 (9.3.5).

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iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Big Changes

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Messages

iOS 9 doesn't pay much attention on Messages, while iOS 10 colors this app with sorts of upgrades. Handwriting, 3X bigger emojis and words which can be replaced by emoji, all are available for messages. New bubble effect, animations over full screen and stickers produce cutesy and funny communication with friends. Invisible ink helps send a blurry message or photo leading us to swipe it for getting exact contents. A quick access to apps is achieved for us to handle other tasks without leaving messages.

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Message
iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Siri

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Siri

Siri in iOS 9 brings a smart and intelligent search way to expand wider ranges of topics and answers. Coming to iOS 10, a new field is exploited. Siri can work with third-party apps from App Store, to open the app or do actions. Therefore, this intelligent assistant can better understand orders in various ways. And, more and more features are expected to add to fill the list thanks to Siri's open to developers.
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iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Fresh Upgrades

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Maps

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Maps

Maps has gotten several updates in iOS 9, such as Transit view to catch public transit information, Nearby to explore restaurants, markets, bars and more, integration with Siri to ask directions. To become a better guider, Maps in iOS 10 gives proactive suggestions to recommend places we may want to go and also the fastest way to arrive. Reservations for a table, a ride via apps within Maps can be easily taken as well.

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Music

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: Music

Apple Music on iOS 9 receives lots of negative reviews for its messy design and functions. Big changes arrive in iOS 10. A brand-new compact, straightforward and beautiful interface stands out to simplify the way to enjoy music. A new "Recently Added" section picks new music out and updated "For You" section will list songs fitting your tastes. We can also select to view lyrics during listening.

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: News & Photos

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: News & Photos

Both News and Photos are redesigned with more gorgeous interfaces meeting "Beautiful" of iOS 10 slogan. News app delivers more distinct sections to browse stories more easily than it on iOS 9 and supports subscription now. Photos app builds in image recognition tech to quick organize photos and a new added Memories tab will collect all your cherished photos and videos together.

iOS 10 vs iOS 9: More Features

Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are some new and improved apps and upgrades for iOS 10 that iOS 9 doesn't cover.

▪ Fresh-new lockscreen in iOS 10 enables users to directly get messages, live updates with apps. 3D touch is also integrated to clear notifications and add new shortcut.
▪ iOS Home app in iOS 10 lets you control lights, doors, windows etc. in your home with ease.
▪ Contextual predictions can give suggestions what you want to type next according to context.
▪ Multilingual typing enables you to enter words in two languages simultaneously without keyboards switch.

iOS 10 vs iOS 9 Verdict: We should admit that Apple pushes the biggest release of iOS. iOS 10 possesses many fantastic features and do amazing upgrades on software than iOS 9. For someone who is used to iOS 9, it may be a little hard to have a change but iOS 10 deserves installation.

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