Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Convert iTunes DRM-protected M4V Movies to DRM-free MP4 on Windows (10) or Mac

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies Convert DRM Protected M4V to MP4 Posted by Estrella H.| Last Updated: March 13, 2020

Exclusive guide on how to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert DRM-protected iTunes M4V movies to plain MP4 on Windows (10) and Mac without quality loss at superfast speed.

People are asking:
1. How do I remove DRM from iTunes movies?
2. How can I convert iTunes movies to MP4?
3. How to convert iTunes DRM-protected M4V to DRM-free MP4?
4. How do I get rid of DRM on movies/TV shows I purchased/rented from iTunes?

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies, Any Easy Way?

Similar questions have a lot more, but all come to one issue: How to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert DRM-protected M4V iTunes movies to DRM-free MP4 for wider playback?

Movies purchased from iTunes Movie Store come with DRM protection which only allows people to play the iTunes movies on authorized Apple devices, and this brings much inconvenience for people who want to play iTunes movies on other non-Apple devices. What's more, the purchased iTunes movies are in M4V format, which also restricts people to watch the iTunes movies on more different devices like Android.

Now lucky for all of you, a professional efficient iTunes DRM removal tool emerges named WinX MediaTrans. It gets a roaring reputation lately for capable of perfectly removing DRM protection from purchased/rented iTunes M4V movies/TV shows (music, audio books also) and auto converting M4V or most other video formats to MP4 without losing quality. This smart iTunes DRM remover & free M4V to MP4 converter leaves no restriction for iTunes movies playback. Continue to find out how to remove DRM from iTunes movies and convert M4V to MP4 on Windows (10) and Mac.

Warning: Due to the stronger protection on iTunes movies, this app is not very stable dealing with protected video. However, it's still one of the best tool to remove DRM from Apple music/audiobooks.

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Convert DRM M4V to Plain MP4

Best iTunes M4V Movie DRM Remover – WinX MediaTrans

  • Strip DRM from iTunes music/audio books flawlessly, and convert iTunes DRM M4V/M4P/M4B to MP4/MP3 losslessly.
  • Transfer photos/music/video/iBooks/ringtone between PC and iPhone.
  • Transfer speed is No.1 fast. 100% clean. Win 10 and iOS 11 supported.
  • Note: It can remove DRM from part of iTunes Videos only.
WinX MediaTrans

Remove iTune music/audio books DRM. Convert video to MP4/audio to MP3.

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies with Best iTunes DRM Removal Tool on Win (10) or Mac

No longer troubling to record the DRM M4V iTunes movies/videos, now you can directly remove DRM from iTunes movies/TV shows (purchased or rental) with WinX MediaTrans and free convert M4V to MP4 with no quality loss, and then play the iTunes movies on more non-Apple devices like Android Samsung, Sony Xperia, etc.

This best iTunes movie DRM removal software enables users to crack DRM of iTunes M4V movies, TV shows, videos, M4P/M4A iTunes music, M4B audio books flawlessly, as well as auto convert almost any video (incl. iTunes M4V videos) to MP4 and convert most audio files like FLAC, AC3, M4P, M4A, M4B to MP3 without losing quality.

Aside from aiding users to remove iTunes DRM protection and convert iTunes DRM protected M4V movies to MP4, WinX MediaTrans can also do the following with high efficiency:

1. As the best iPhone transfer software, it can transfer photos/music/videos, iBooks/ringtones/iTunes U, etc. between computer and iPhone iPad iPod with no data loss at lightning speed. 1GB movie can be transferred within 1 minute.

2. Manage iPhone music library. Edit songs/playlist information. Create playlist on iPhone without iTunes.

3. Export, add, delete iPhone ringtones, and make free iPhone ringtones from any favorite song.

4. Turn iPhone, iPad or iPod into a flash drive to store any kind of media files like Docs, Excels, PDFs, etc.

5. This best iTunes DRM removal tool perfectly supports Windows 10 or earlier, iOS 12 or earlier, iPhone or previous iPhone generations, and all iPads iPods.

To conclude, you can use WinX MediaTrans as a powerful iTunes (movie) DRM remover, free M4V to MP4 converter, iPhone/iPad manager, photo transfer software, music manager, iBooks manager, free iPhone ringtone maker, etc.

Best iTunes Movie DRM Removal Tool

Guide: How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Convert DRM M4V to MP4

Free download and install WinX MediaTrans on your Windows (10) computer or free download its Mac version, and follow the step-by-step guide below to get rid of DRM on iTunes movies and convert DRM-protected iTunes M4V movies to DRM-free MP4 videos without losing quality.

How to Remove DRM Protection of iTunes M4V Movies and Turn them into MP4?

Step 1: Launch the best iTunes DRM removal tool, and connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable.

Step 2: Click "Video" button to step into the video transfer interface. WinX MediaTrans will auto load all your iPhone videos/movies.

Step 3: Click "Movie" column on the left and you can see the purchased iTunes movies which are marked as DRM protected. Select the DRM locked iTunes movies/TV shows and click "Export" button to transfer them from iPhone to computer.

Step 4: In the pop-up window, click "Decode" button to disable the DRM protection of iTunes movies and convert M4V to plain MP4 at one go. Then you can transfer and play the non-protected iTunes movies/TV shows in MP4 format on more devices.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Convert DRM Protected M4V Movies to DRM-free MP4

How to Remove DRM of Old iTunes M4V Movies on Computer and Convert DRM M4V to Regular MP4?

In case you've already have a collection of iTunes M4V movies/TV shows with DRM protection stored on computer, you want to crack their DRM and convert M4V to MP4 for playing them on more devices. Here we also provide a detailed guide.

Step 1: Run WinX MediaTrans and connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable.
Click "Settings" button on the right corner of the main UI. Check "Auto convert video format to MP4 (H.264)".

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Convert DRM Protected M4V Movies to DRM-free MP4

Step 2: Tap "Video" button on the main interface.

Step 3: Click "Add Video" icon to add the DRM protected iTunes M4V movies into iPhone.
Tip: "Movies" and "Video Recorded" columns are not allowed to import videos.

Step 4: Click "Convert" to auto convert iTunes M4V to MP4.

Step 5: Hit "Sync" button to import the video to iPhone.

Step 6: Then locate the converted DRM iTunes movies and click "Export" to transfer the DRM iTunes movies back to computer from iPhone.

Step 7: It will pop up a window. Click "Decode" to remove the DRM of iTunes movies. Then you can play the DRM-free MP4 video files on many popular devices at your will.

Attention: We do suggest you respect the copyright content online and abide by the copyright laws in your country. Disabling DRM of purchased movies, music is a big no-no. We do not advocate any piracy or dissemination.

Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Convert M4V to MP4 with WinX MediaTrans

- Support removing DRM from purchased/rental iTunes movies, TV shows, music, audio books and converting any video (incl. M4V) to MP4 with no quality loss. Auto convert most audio files (incl. iTunes DRM M4P, M4B, M4A, etc.) to MP3 during computer to iPhone transfer process.
- Transfer videos/ringtones/music/photos/iBooks between computer and iPhone iPad iPod without iTunes at No.1 fast speed with no data loss. 100 4K photos can be transferred in 8 seconds.

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Remove DRM from iTunes Movies and Convert DRM M4V to MP4

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