How to Download iPhone Photos to PC (Windows 10) in 5 Ways?

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Can't download photos from iPhone to PC? Read this tutorial below.

How to download iPhone photos to PC? The article will clarify 5 ways to download and transfer photos from iPhone to PC. Specifically, you can download JPG JPEG PNG Gif BMP TIFF pictures from your iPhone 11/XS/X/8 (Plus)/7/6/6s/5/5s/5c/4s/SE to your computer running Windows 10 or lower, much more convenient and flexible than using iTunes.

Broadly, the following two situations will urge iPhone owners to download iPhone photos to computers:

1. Have an iPhone with limited storage: Some iPhone only has storage of lower than 128G, say, 32GB, 64GB or even 16GB. Once stuffed with selfies or other photos, it is full.

2. Not enough iCloud backup: even if your iPhone storage is 128G or 256G, the free use of iCloud backup is only 5GB which is shared across all iOS devices you are using. It is totally not enough for iCloud photo backup.
What iPhone 7 storage size should you get: 32GB vs. 128GB vs. 256GB?>>

Surely, in some other cases, people will have the need of downloading iPhone photos to PC. For example, some of them want to change old iPhone to new iPhone (iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus), many of them are fond of shooting live photos and 4K Ultra High Definition photos (which will take up a lot of space) using the iSight camera of iPhone particularly the dual cameras of iPhone 7 Plus, which has a 2x telephoto lens and a Portrait mode shallow depth of field. What to do if iPhone storage is full or there is not enough iCloud storage on iPhone or iPad?

Download iPhone Photos to PC

The Best Solution - WinX MediaTrans

Wholly or randomly transfer (HEIC, PNG, JPG etc.) photos in Camera Roll and third-party iOS apps from iPhone/iPad to PC and vice versa. Support HD/4K pictures.

Way #1: Backup iPhone Photos to PC or Hard Drive with WinX MediaTrans

What makes WinX MediaTrans one of the best and fastest ways to download photos from iPhone to PC?

As an up-rising star, it aims to meet the more up-to-date needs of iPhone users. Not only can it support Selfies, Panoramas, Bursts and Screenshots in iPhone Camera Roll, it also stretches to any third-party apps that can save JPG JPEG PNG Gif BMP TIFF HEIC photos to iPhone, even including Whatsapp, instagram, Snapseed, Camera+, VSCO, Adobe Photoshop and so on. The photos can be transferred to a PC or any external hard drive that is connected to the PC.

It saves 100 UHD photos within 8 seconds only, much faster than its competitors.

Much more user-friendly than iTunes, it groups iPhone photos by day, by month or by year, and allows users to choose and download files according to the date/month/year, or choose any files flexibly in the familiar Windows operation manners. More remarkable still is that it will not cause any data losing since it stays away from the hidebound ID account syncing. In a word, it knows Windows users way better than iTunes does!

Operated on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit) OS, it supports Apple Phone 4 to iPhone 11/11 Pro Max, iPad Pro, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPod Touch that is running iOS 7 to iOS 13.

>> Download WinX MediaTrans

Way #2: Download iPhone Photos to PC via iTunes

Using iTunes seems the most traditional physical way to backup iPhone photos and images for most Apple users. It connects iPhone to a computer via a USB cable. To sync photos with iTunes, you should:
1. Download and install the very latest version of iTunes on PC.
2. Connect your iPhone with your computer via a USB cable.
3. Click "Device" on the top left, click "Photos" on the left.
4. Tap "Sync Photos" and choose the app or folder that you want to sync from.
5. Choose the photos you need to sync.
6. Click "Apple" button on the bottom.

However, iTunes has received a boatload of complaints in this regard, for example:
- My new iTunes does not show me a PHOTOS tab when syncing my iPhone.
- iTunes cannot sync to my iPhone because photos Library is not available.
>> See more iTunes not working errors

Most Windows (10) users are grumbling out the fact that they are not used to iTunes or the sync features. But if not using iTunes, they will get no response after the iPhone connects the computer. The computer will not read and display photo or other information automatically. Supposedly, it is a kind of protection mechanism set by Apple.

If you are one of the users who dislike iTunes sync, please turn to Way #1.

Way #3: Download iPhone Photos to PC via iCloud

When referring to iCloud, users will spontaneously associate with photo backup. Actually, unlike iTunes, the good point of iCloud is that it will automatically download your photos from your iOS device only if you have turned on in Settings > iCloud > Backup and the most importantly, have enough free iCloud storage available.

If you see "iCloud Photos is On", all of your photos and videos are already on all of your devices that use iCloud Photo Library.

But it's not easy to download photos from iCloud to PC. See how to fix if iCloud does not sync photos on computer.

Way #4: Download iPhone Photos to PC via AutoPlay

To import photos from iPhone to PC through AutoPlay is a common way for users of both old and new Windows versions. In normal cases, once your iPhone is connected to PC, autoPlay will pop-up and give you the option, "Import pictures and videos" to import your photos.

Deadline: When transferring photos from iPhone to Windows 7/8/10 via AutoPlay, only Camera Roll photos can be transferred. Photo Stream and Photo Library photos are not in supported list.

Way #5: Download iPhone Photos to PC through Other Tools

If you can't transfer and backup iPhone photos with iTunes and iCloud, and need a better way that AutoPlay, you may want to try some third-party and professional iPhone photo backup tool.

Indeed, there exist assortment of iPhone to PC transfer programs and apps. But please note that some can only download the entire photos from iPhone, not enabling selection, while some can download albums of photos from iPhone to computer, or photos and photo streams that have been backed up to iCloud.

WinX MediaTrans is one of the Windows-based desktop apps to do iPhone photo to PC transfer.

You Ultimate iPhone Media File Transfer Tool - WinX MediaTrans

- A iPhone iPad manager that knows Windows users way better

Import photos fast from iPhone to PC and vice versa.
Delete iPhone photo albums from computer with ease.
Support JPG JPEG PNG Gif BMP TIFF HEIC image files and folders.
Download iPhone music, videos, e-books and other files to PC.


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