Despacito Ringtone MP3/M4R Free Download for iPhone (iPhone 11 included)

Despacito ringtone Despacito MP3 M4R Posted by Estrella H.| Last Updated: Sep. 11, 2019

"Hay dos cosas que un ser humano no puede evitar: su propia muerte y escuchar Despacito." - from Twitter user

"Ay, Fonsi, DY, Oh, Oh no, oh no, Oh yeah, Diridiri, dirididi Daddy, Go... Despacito, Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito...". Can't help swaying to the music and hum with the tunes? Yep, it's the most popular song of 2017 - Despacito.

Guess what, the views of YouTube Despacito music video spikes up sharply to over 3.12 billion as of now and this Spanish song has become the most streamed one of all time on YouTube, having superseded See You Again and Gangnam style. Don't know Spanish? Try the English remix version featuring Justin Bieber released on April 17, 2017. Want to set Despacito as your iPhone/Android ringtone? Well, there are several ways. You can buy Despacito ringtone online for a fee, or download Despacito ringtone MP3 for free. Besides, it's more interesting to make and custom Despacito as iPhone ringtone by yourself, like Despacito Justin Bieber ringtone.

How to Make Despacito MP3 Songs as iPhone (11/XS/X/8) Ringtone?

- Use best iPhone ringtone maker WinX MediaTrans

  • Easily custom Despacito as M4R iPhone ringtone within three steps.
  • 1-click transfer of ringtones, music, etc to iPhone without iTunes.
  • Remove DRM and make iTunes puchases widely playable.

Let's start with the simplest way to custom Despacito ringtone now!

About Despacito
Despacito is a reggaeton-pop song in Spanish written by Luis Fonsi, Erika Ender and Daddy Yankee. Released on January 12, 2017, this single rapidly topped the Billboard Hot 100. And in a very short time, Despacito topped the charts of over 40 countries and became one of the best-selling Latin songs in the US. | Popular Latin music top 10 (MP3 download) >>

Best Ways to Set Despacito as iPhone/Android Ringtone

1. Purchase Despacito ringtone online in iTunes Store, Google Play, etc.

For example, you can open the iTunes Store app on iPhone, click "More" at the bottom right corner, choose "Tones" and you will see the ringtone download page. To directly download Despacito ringtone M4R, click "Search" instead of "More", type in "Despacito ringtone", tap "More" button under the search bar, and choose "Ringtones" to refresh the page. Once you see the price tag, click it and you will see "Buy Tone". Then follow the prompt, finish your purchase and download Despacito ringtone M4R. Note that do not install apps named as "Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee Despacito ringtone". They are just fake and really bad.

Download Despacito Ringtone Free Online

1. Free downloading Despacito ringtone MP3 is also a good alternative option, well, mainly for Android users. If you download Despacito ringtone MP3 for iPhone, MP3 to M4R conversion is required, which can be realized by iTunes through complicated steps or by some 3rd-party iPhone managers easily.

2. Nearly all of the free downloaded Despacito ringtones online only have 30s, while iPhone actually accepts up to 40s. And free download versions always start with chorus. There is no problem if it's exactly what you prefer. You just have to know it is difficult to free download a Despacito ringtone with the DY rap part or any others.

Create and Custom Despacito Ringtone

We strongly recommend you to custom a Despacito ringtone MP3/M4R by yourself with ringtone maker. And we have selected the time frames most appropriate for setting as ringtone:
Despacito ringtone - Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
1. Introduction: 0 - 00:30s
2. Verse 1/2/3: 00:43 - 1:25 (from "Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato" to "tomarlo sin ningún apuro")
3. Chorus/refrain: 1:25 - 2:05 or 2:50 - 3:30
4. Rap: 2:10 -2:50 (from "Si te pido un beso ven dámelo" to "Pero pa montarlo aquí tengo la pieza") 3:45 -4:25 (from "Pasito a pasito, suave suavecito" to the end)

Despacito ringtone - Justin Bieber (Remix)
1. Intro (Justin Bieber): 0 - 00:40s (from "Come on over in my direction" to "Baby take it slow so we can last long")
2. Verse 1 (Fonsi & DY): 00:40 - 1:00 (from "Oh, tú, tú eres el imán" to "tomarlo sin ningún apuro")
3. Chorus/refrain (Justin Bieber, Fonsi & DY): 1:00 - 1:45 or 2:30 - 3:10
4. Rap (DY): 1:45 -2:30 (from "Si te pido un beso ven dámelo" to "Pero pa montarlo aquí tengo la pieza") 3:20 -3:50 (from "This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico" to the end)

How to Custom Despacito MP3 as Ringtone for iPhone

Open MP3 to Ringtone Converter

Step 1. Download WinX MediaTrans
To make free ringtones for iPhone, free download iPhone ringtone maker for Windows (10), get it installed and then connect your iPhone with computer using USB cable. There is absolutely no need of iTunes. You don't need to open it at all.

Step 2. Click into ringtone part
Once the installation is finished, open the app. Go into "Voice & Ringtone" module in the main interface and click "Add Ringtone".

Turn MP3 to iPhone Rintone with WinX MediaTrans

Step 3. Custom Despacito ringtone for iPhone (11/XS/X/8)
1. Load Despacito MP3 files from your PC. Other supported music file types include .m4r, .m4a, .mp3, .aac, .flac, .wav, .wma.
2. Click "Make Ringtone", and slide to select a 40s range of Despacito as your ringtone (as we suggested above).
3. Press "OK" button and then "Sync". Then, it will convert your MP3 to iPhone ringtone format. And seconds later, you will see Despacito ringtone M4R in your iPhone (Settings -> Sounds & Haptics -> Ringtone)
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Still have some trouble about how to custom Despacito as iPhone X/8 ringtone using WinX MediaTrans? Please feel free to Mail Us >>

You May Need Other Tools

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