Can't Update Your iPhone to iOS 17? Here's What to Do!

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All the tips and tricks to fix iOS 17 won't download and install on iPhone 15 or other generations!

iOS has been upgraded to 17, adding new features and improving performance and responsiveness on both old and new iPhones. It isn't that much of a difficulty for any one of us to install Apple's big iOS 17 update on iPhone. We can download and install iOS 17 on iPhone over the air or via iTunes within a few simple steps only. But sometimes, things can and do go wrong. You may fail to download the iOS 17 update file, or come across errors like "Unable to Check for Update", "Unable to Verify Update", "Software Update Failed" and update won't complete. These errors are really annoying, but solvable. The followings are what you can do when you can't update iPhone to iOS 17.

iOS 17 file manager

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First of all, check if your iPhone supports iOS 17

If you're familiar with Apple's tradition, you must know that new iOS update may exclude some old iPhones and iPads from its compatible devices list. So which iPhones can receive iOS 17 update? According to the statements on Apple official website, iOS 17 supports all the devices that iOS 16 is compatible with. That is to say, iOS 17 can be downloaded and installed on iPhone 15 older models. So before attempting to update your iPhone to iOS 17, make sure that you're using one of those models.

Secondly, free up enough space to install iOS 17 on iPhone

I've checked the size of iOS 17 download on my iPhone. It is 1.37GB. However, we need to free up at least a few GB or so of space on iPhone, because it also requires for temporal space to further complete iOS 17 update and install. If we don't have enough space, we won't be able to install iOS 17 update on iPhone. And we'll receive an error message saying "Insufficient Space for Download" or something else.

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In addition to ensuring sufficient space, you also need to connect your iPhone to a power supply and connect it to a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection before carrying out iOS 17 update.

When everything gets ready, you can follow Apple's tutorials to update your iPhone to latest iOS 17. If you need to update from iOS 17 beta to iOS 17 official version, you should go to Settings -> General -> Profiles -> tap on iOS 17 Beta Software Profile and remove it -> restart your iPhone, go to Software Update, and then download and install the official iOS 17 version following the steps that Apple presents. If you can't download or install iOS 17 on iPhone because of this or that kind of error message, I hope the troubleshooting tips below can get you out.

Troubleshoot the errors that cause iOS 17 won't install on iPhone

1. Can't update iPhone to iOS 17 because of "Unable to Check for / Verify Update" error

When you go to General and then Software update hoping to see iOS 17 in your iPhone screen, you get nothing but one of the error messages below:
"Unable to Verify Update. iOS 17 failed verification because you are no longer connected to the Internet."
"Unable to Check for Update. An error occurred while checking for a software update."
"Unable to Check for Update. Checking for a software update failed because you are not connected to the Internet."

Sometimes this kind of error will disappear after you click "Try Again" or "Retry" option. If the error still remains there, you need to check whether your network connection is fast and stable or not. If not, connect your iPhone to another internet to have a try. When there isn't another available network, try to delete the iOS 17 update file and re-download it. To delete it, go to Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage -> Manage Storage and then wait for the list to be populated. Next, find Software Update, tap it and then press Delete Update.

unable to verify iOS 17 update on iPhone

2. Can't update to iOS 17 on iPhone because it gets stuck on "Verifying update"

You may notice that your iPhone has been stuck on "Verifying update" screen for over 10 minutes and even longer. It appears that we can do nothing but waiting. But honestly, waiting can't fix this issue. What you should try now is to hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously to hard reset your iPhone. It works for many users.

iOS 17 update gets stuck on verifying update

3. iPhone won't update to iOS 17 because of "Software Update Failed"

When you try to install iOS 17 on your iPhone, you may encounter "Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 17". When you face this error, try the following solutions:
1). Check your internet connection. You may need to reboot your WiFi router and iPhone, and then reset network on your iPhone: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings.
2). Delete iOS 17 update and re-download it to have a try later.
3). Update iPhone to iOS 17 by making use of iTunes.
4). The possible reason for this problem may be that Apple's service is overloaded. So, you might as well perform iOS 17 update in a few days.

iOS 17 software update failed on iPhone

4. iOS 17 won't install on iPhone owing to "Unable to Install Update".

After you download iOS 17 on iPhone successfully and plan to start installing it, you may see "Unable to Install Update. An error occurred installing iOS 17". This issue could be result from insufficient storage for installation process. So, you should manage storage and free up some space if necessary. Additionally, you can try these solutions: delete iOS 17 update and re-download it; connect to a strong and stable network; force start your iPhone and try later.

unable to install update of iOS 17 on iPhone

5. iOS 17 update is stuck at the Apple logo on a black screen and doesn't complete

Have you noticed that your update has been staying on a black screen with the Apple logo and progress bar for quite long time? If you're stuck with this problem, now process a force restart. Once your iPhone starts back, you should see the progress bar and Apple logo. However, it doesn't mean that the problem is still there. Actually, it will complete the installation in a couple of minutes.

iOS 17 update on iPhone doesn't complete

To sum up, you can try the solutions as below when you can't update iPhone to iOS 17.

1. Check your network connection. When an error shows up, toggle Wi-Fi off and on to force a refresh to your network, reboot the Wi-Fi router, or connect to another network if possible.
2. Force restart your iPhone.
3. Delete iOS 17 software update and re-download it to have a try.
4. Release more space on your iPhone to get smooth update process.
5. If you still can't update iPhone to iOS 17 over the air after trying all the possible solutions, try using iTunes to process software update. While using iTunes, make sure it is the latest version.
6. Check Apple's System Status report and see if your update error is caused by any server outrages or issues. If so, get back to update when Apple makes it right.

If you meet problems while using iOS 17, such as WiFi- or battery-related issues, you can jump to: iOS 17 Errors: Most Common Problems and How-to Fixes.

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