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WinX Free DVD to XviD Ripper User Guide

As we all know, Xvid is a popular video formats which can be used on all platforms and operating systems for its source code can be compiled. Therefore, it is loved by many people, especially DVD movie fans. They are also fond of converting DVD to Xvid formats in that the video can be played on a lot of platforms after ripping DVD to Xvid.

DVD ripper or converter is the usual tool that we turn to. But when we choose an application, we ought to focus on the following three things: profession, quality and price. That is what WinX Free DVD to Xvid could offers to users.

WinX Free DVD to XviD Ripper is a professional DVD to Xvid ripping software, which is specially designed to convert DVD to Xvid with brilliant quality, fast speed and stable process. This free DVD to Xvid also allows users to grasp images from DVD movies.

For information about WinX Free DVD to Xvid Ripper, please visit: http://www.winxdvd.com/dvd-to-xvid

How to rip DVD to Xvid with WinX Free DVD to Xvid Ripper?

    Step 1: Please, download WinX DVD to Xvid Ripper. You can import DVD movies by clicking "DVD Disc" or "DVD Path" after install and launch the program.

    WinX Free DVD to XviD Ripper

    Step2: Click "Browse" button in output setting area and select a destination folder to save your converted video. You can view the output folder by clicking "Open".

    WinX Free DVD to XviD Ripper

    Step 3: Begin starting by clicking "Start". You can view and stop the conversion process at anytime.

    WinX Free DVD to XviD Ripper

  • Tips:
  • 1. Choose the subtitle as you need. The subtitle is disabled by default.

    2. Convert any video segment by dragging the right and left side bar under preview windows or setting "Start Time" and "End Time".

    3. Set audio parameters in the "Audio Setting" area, like, Volume, Audio Sample Rate, Audio Formats, and Audio Quality etc.

    4. Set video parameters in the "Video Setting" area, such as, Video Format, Video Frame Rate, Video Quality, Video Resolutions etc.