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WinX Free DVD to AVI Ripper User Guide

AVI is the abbreviation of Audio Video Interleave, which was first released by software giant Microsoft in November 1992. This format was part of a larger package which was called "Video for Windows". As the name goes, the files of AVI formats can have video as well as audio data within space of a single file. Therefore, AVI owns great audio and video effects, and is especially loved by Windows users. DVD movie fans would apply converting software to convert DVD to AVI format.

WinX Free DVD to AVI Ripper is one of the most popular software which could free rip DVD to AVI formats and play on media player. This free DVD to AVI ripper also could convert DVD segments to AVI formats. Furthermore, extract bewitched pictures to JPG, BMP formats. Devoted to serve for windows users, WinX Free DVD to AVI Ripper offers users outstanding quality, fast speed and stable process.

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How to rip DVD to AVI with WinX Free DVD to AVI Ripper?

    Step 1: Please, download WinX DVD to AVI Ripper. You can import DVD movies by clicking "DVD Disc" or "DVD Path" after install and launch the program.

    WinX Free DVD to AVI Ripper

    Step2: Click "Browse" button in output setting area and select a destination folder to save your converted video. You can view the output folder by clicking "Open".

    WinX Free DVD to AVI Ripper

    Step 3: Begin starting by clicking "Start". You can view and stop the conversion process at anytime.

    WinX Free DVD to AVI Ripper

  • Tips:
  • 1. Choose the subtitle as you need. The subtitle is disabled by default.

    2. Convert any video segment by dragging the right and left side bar under preview windows or setting "Start Time" and "End Time".

    3. Set audio parameters in the "Audio Setting" area, like, Volume, Audio Sample Rate, Audio Formats, and Audio Quality etc.

    4. Set video parameters in the "Video Setting" area, such as, Video Format, Video Frame Rate, Video Quality, Video Resolutions etc.