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How to Increase Blog Subscriptions and Win More RSS Subscribers

What is RSS?

RSS, an acronym for Really Simple Syndication, is a simple way to share blog posts on line.

There are some benefits brought about by RSS:

The blog readers and visitors can obtain all the information they subscribed through RSS quickly. In other words, RSS subscription ensures timeliness, completion and latest update of the blog posts related to the contents required by the blog subscribers. Network users are ensured to read the contents supporting RSS output by virtue of syndication software in favor of RSS at the client without the necessity of opening the blog page.

Something to Do with RSS Subscription?

Through RSS subscription, the blog viewers can add any RSS they are fond of to RSS reader to read their favorite blogs. Therefore, having a lot of blog subscribers implies to some extent that your articles are welcome and popular, which can surely increase the sense of self-fulfillment and even help you earn some money out of it. So the increase in RSS subscription indicates the improvement you've made in your blogging road.

Tips to Win More RSS Subscribers:

Here I list 6 points for you to increase blog subscription and win more RSS subscribers to your blog:

1. Place your blog subscription link in more and obvious positions. Give priority to the link for your blog subscription, specifically, position your subscription link on every page of blog and locate the icon on the top of blog page to catch the eye of your blog readers so as to increase the chance of winning more RSS subscribers;

2. Simplify the subscription procedure. In order to win more RSS subscribers for your blog, you should make sure the steps to your blog subscription are not too complicated. No one likes to waste time in something unnecessary which he can finish in fewer steps in other similar blog. Watch out! You will lose a large number of blog subscribers unless you improve your blog with simplified operation;

3. Offer subscription request actively but conservatively. In case that your blog has few RSS subscribers, it's really the time to take action! Here I suggest you provide a hint or promote at the end of your proud blog posts. This is less impolite, aggressive and offensive than direct request "PUSH" of blog RSS subscription;

4. Take advantage of Guest blogger. Here I mean both invite proper guest bloggers in and be a guest blogger to other blogs yourself. Actually, there are many ways to find and seek out reliable bloggers to bring something new and fresh to your regular blog readers so as to attract more RSS subscribers to your blog. But also, you can act as a guest blogger to other blog to increase your popularity and win more clicks. You can even add a link to your RSS Feed in the guest post to increase RSS subscription directly.

5. Launch giveaway in your blog. An effective way to increase RSS subscription to your blog is providing freebies, such as ebook, DVD and software as free gift to your blog subscribers. You can try the following method to choose which is the suitable freebie to give away:

  • 1) Just take a poll or option survey in your blog and choose the type of freebie based on the interests and hobbies of the RSS subscribers of your blog;
  • 2) Test before you decide. Some trustworthy and respected companies allow you to try and review their products before you launch the giveaway;
  • 3) Choose the freebie type related to the theme and field of your blog and catering to the taste of your blog subscribers, which makes your giveaway action useful and meaningful;
  • 4) Try to ask your blog subscribers for approval if you really think one freebie is good after serious consideration. One cannot know one thing until he tries it. If the free gift itself is valuable and useful, your blog subscribers are very likely to love it; in the same time, you can manage to attract more new subscribers to increase your blog subscriptions.

6. Brag about the number of your blog subscribers. Just show the number of the RSS subscribers to your blog to publicize your success to your blog viewers. It is able to help you win the trust and credit to further increase RSS subscriptions for your blog. It can successfully grasp the mindset of following the general trend of wide blog masses.