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4 Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

The increasingly Facebook fans represent the huge opportunity to run your business and connection with the world out about your work. Once you have the Facebook page, people won't come knocking on your door without a little work. Help you get more fans, you have to take some means to Promote Your Facebook Page.

This blog is going to reveal 4 ways to promote your Facebook page to get more fans to like your page. Interconnect it to enhance your Facebook page online presence.

1. Make your page content fresh and tasty

When fans interact on your page, it may appear on his/her Facebook feed, promoting your page to their friends. Some Facebook Apps like Flickr, YouTube and Twitter will bring new content on your page automatically. Add such Apps meanwhile promote your page presence on others sites. Add your personal photos, personal welcome-videos are also great.

2. Provide a place for interaction promotion

Start a topic on your Discussion Board that allows your fans to promote their sites or inviting to share Twitter IDs and to follow each other. If you click on "Promote with an Ad" on your fan page, you can Start a Campaign. You can set a daily or weekly contest or giveaway spending limit of $10, $25 or other appropriate amount to promote your Facebook fans page and attract more people to join in your page.

3. Promote your Facebook page on Twitter

Don't just get more fans by let people "Like" your page. Integrate with Twitter App to promote your Facebook page and communicate what you have posted to your Twitter followers. When you post a status update, a link or a photo (you can choose) on your Facebook fan page, there will be an update to Twitter with a shortened bit.ly link back to your fan page. It looks natural to drive traffic from another source right to your page.

4. Ask your friends to join your page by email

Promote your Facebook fan page by putting your page address in your email signature. This is the old and ever green method of promoting any link through email. Use the 'Suggest To Friends' feature available on Facebook where you can send an incentive to get your friends to visit your Facebook page and become a fan.
And once some of your friends accept your invitation, you have the option to promote your Facebook page among those friends. Apart from this, you can also send an email newsletter to your subscribers, add your Facebook page address to your forum, blog, YouTube signature, etc.

So how will you promote your Facebook fan page? Now it's your turn. Promote your Facebook fan page to me: media@winxdvd.com and feel free to share your promotion methods for getting more fans. I would love to hear your thoughts.