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Vista will not support Blu-ray playback out-of-the-box or on most PCs

For all the noise Microsoft made about Vista supporting Blu-ray[1] you'd think we'd be able to play those studio-released, Blu-ray titles right out of the box right? Not so childrens, at least not in Australia according to cnet. See, Mark O'Shea, a Microsoft OEM systems engineer (not exactly an executive level position, mind you) sez that version 11 of the Windows Media Player shipping with Vista will not support playback for commercial Blu-ray films. By this, we assume he means that WMP11 won't include the ability to decrypt AACS encoded titles. For ripping and decrypting Blu-ray movie (MKV format is one of the best), you'll have to use third party software like WinX Blu-ray Decrypter from Digiarty, neither of which is currently available for retail but may (or may not) ship with your BD drive.

Then it'll all work, right? Maybe, but if your media rig is pumping video over DVI or HDMI then you'd better be sure your graphics card, driver, and display all support HDCP (not just HDCP ready) if you expect to decrypt that High Definition digital signal. All assuming your CPU or GPU has the muscle to decode the HD compression codecs to begin with. Heads' spinning yet? Sure, so go ahead, lie down for a bit, we'll understand why you put off your next-gen optical PC drive purchase while the DRM gets a bit, say, more consumer friendly.

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[1]: Blu-ray Disc - Blu-ray Disc (aka BD) is an optical disc storage medium like the standard DVD format


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