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Perfect Method to Promote Your YouTube Video

When go through active YouTube video with thousands subscribers or views, have you ever wondered to be one of these active YouTube channel owner? A lot of YouTube subscribers may answer this question with Yes. No matter how hard you worked on YouTube, you may not attract enough subscribers if you have not any strategies of promoting YouTube videos.

This article, oriented to YouTube channel owners, offers some perfect method to promote YouTube videos. Maybe these tips cannot help you bring a lot of view at a short period of time. But I believe that it’ll benefit your channel as times go by.

1. Make attractive content or program
To get more subscribers, holding the interest of target viewers is as important as get to know the hobbies of someone you want to chase. People may get surprised when they get unexpected gifts. Hence, maybe it'll greatly increase your channel ‘subscription when offering some stuff with potential subscribers.

Compared with real things, it is much better to offer online downloaded things. Few people are willing to leak out their private information, like address. Maybe they hold it as skin game. Fortunately, Digiary is launching partnership with YouTube users and help YouTube users to attract more subscribers. Go to free get some copies of shareware and does giveaway or contest on you YouTube channel to encourage people take part in this campaign.

2. Actively participate other users' activity
Go to comment other YouTube users' video or join in their activity, leave comment on their YouTube channel. This may help you build friendly relationship with other YouTube channel owners. Then they can subscribe you without your request.

Meanwhile, subscribe for subscribe is also a way to promote your videos. After subscribed your channel, other YouTuber will see your video once you upload new videos.

3. Send email to friends with new video
Add as many as friend on YouTube, you may email them in your friend category with your video. Just think if you have lots of friend and they also have many a friend, it'll greatly promote your videos. But please do not frequently do it. Otherwise, the opposite will disgust.

4. Exchange link with other website
To inquire link back your YouTube channel with other website. Good website has a large numbers of visitors every day. Of course, you may also work with other YouTube channel to recommend each other.

5. Broadcast your video on social community
Post your videos in hottest forum, and tell them you are holding giveaway activity to promote your videos. Also, ask them to watch your video and subscribe you, you may offer them some useful information.