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Hands-On with Panasonic's 2011 Blu-ray Players

One immediately obvious enhancement we find on the New Generation of Bluray Players is a brand new graphically oriented splash screen that greets us upon start-up. One of our repeated complaints with Panasonic's otherwise excellent Blu-ray players in the past has been the boring, unintuitive user interface. With so many entertainment playback options that do not require a disc (streaming services, DLNA, media playback from SD card or connected USB drive), it was time for Panasonic to acknowledge this and they have done so in the 2011 players.

Now, instead of a blank screen with a simple Panasonic logo or mysterious text menu, we see a graphical list of choices, organized by task or content type: Stream Online Content to PS3, Video, Music, Picture and Set-Up. They've taken this one step further offering the owner the ability to customize the Home menu with their own custom wallpaper. Just load the image up onto an SD card and save it as your custom background image and you're done. A click through to the Set-Up menu brings up that same old text-heavy set-up menu, packed with various options to tweak the audio, video or network set-up. Frankly most consumers will not need to access that menu often, if ever, but reviewers like us appreciate having control over the finer points of video and audio processing.

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