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Learn YouTube Marketing to Enhance Video Views

"How can I increase more viewers to watch my videos on YouTube? I have just published two videos and I have only got 36 viewers and 54 viewers on my second one." asked by Alim N on Yahoo answer.

"I'm stuck with my YouTube views. Why do my views not increase? Why are my counts stuck on YouTube?" a question from jackalahm, a YouTube group user.

To enhance video views on YouTube, what you need to do is learn more YouTube marketing skill. After grasping these techniques and applying in a flexible way, you may achieve the target to increase many a views within a certain period of time. Here are some strategies of marketing YouTube channel and enhancing video views.

1. Increase Your Subscriber Base
Boosting the numbers of subscribers is the best effective way to increase video views. When you upload new video, your subscriber will be alerted with an email. No doubt that it is increase the chance of watching your video. Thus, encourage more people to subscribe you.

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2. Correctly Classify & Choose Keywords
No matter how nice you make the video, its views will not get the satisfied numbers if you place it in the wrong category. People can search your video out when their beloved category is very the same one to your video. Correct keywords cannot also be neglected. Relevant keywords should be included title, description, and tags.

3. Share Videos on Other Websites or Communities
There are tons of video in YouTube, so that it is much competitive to be searched out, unless you do an extremely wonderful video with creative content. It is an effective way to bring views from other searcher, not YouTube searcher. Hence, it turns to be a good way to submit video to other website and post it to forum, and put this news on Facebook, Twitter, digg.com, and so forth.

4. Leave Comments on Active YouTube Channel
Go to active YouTube channel which has relativity with your channel. Leave your comment to back up his channel and form a good relationship. Air your idea for his video and induce its viewers to your channel. You may also inquiry him for recommending your video on his YouTube channel and enhance YouTube video views.