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How to Get More Hits on YouTube

For YouTube channel owner, we know that if you get enough video rating or video favorite, YouTube will reward you by choosing your video as most favorite, most viewed in a day, week or month. YouTube will place you on these pages when you gain these honors. And this may help you get millions of YouTube viewers or subscribers. Furthermore, YouTube will rank you higher when people search for a video like yours. So no matter personal YouTube channel owner, or company one, is longing to get more and more YouTube hits for their own purpose.

To grow YouTube hits, different people have different methods. Here are some useful tips for you to increase YouTube hits.

1. Regular upgrade YouTube videos
Upload two videos a week at least. If you do this, people who visit your channel will know that you are an active YouTube owner and have new material offer to them watch. So they may visit you regular to view videos.

2. Make a high quality video
High quality video is the must-have essential to attract YouTube videos hits. Contrary thinking, when you watch a video with blurred image, choppy audio, even noisy cacophony, I am sure that you are in no mood for viewing it. Thus, clear-cut image, clear voice, and coherent audio are indispensable.

3. Attractive content play a vital role in boosting YouTube hits
Compared with the general things, the hottest or trending things are much easier to grasp people's attention. Plus, to offer people useful things is also a good choice. You may find some free stuff on Internet to share with your viewers. This will give them an impression that it is worth to visit your channel. Go to find freebie from Google with these keywords, win free copy, freeware giveaway, get freebie, free get, and free stuff and so on.

4. Join hands with other company or YouTube - the most effective way
Collaboration is the most effective way to get YouTube hits, even subscribers. Contact a company to free sponsor your products, preferably, online downloaded one. Then, do a contest/giveaway to give it out to audience. We believe that paid thing is more attractive than freebie for audience. And they may help spread giveaway news by telling friends.

Now Digiarty is holding "Win Free Copy" program, oriented to YouTube channel owner to free offer their shareware. All active YouTube owners may hold this chance to attract more hits.

5. Promote YouTube videos by social media
Branching out your giveaway video or other video on popular social networks, you can grab more hits or viewers that might not find you through YouTube. To spread your giveaway news on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, bookmark site, forum and so on.