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How to Convert MKV to AVI for Playback MKV on PS3

MKV[1] files cannot be played on Sony PS3 directly, so usually we need to convert MKV to AVI firstly by MKV to AVI Converter software to make MKV files playable on Sony PS3 directly.

Matroska is designed with the future in mind. So, do you expect to know which player can play well this promising files? Here's the best 2 MKV Players for playing .mkv files and .mka files.

And AVI format is famous and popular for its high picture quality. So it is a good choice to convert MKV to AVI for Sony PS3. So how can we convert MKV to AVI files so that we can play MKV files on PS3?

Step-by-Step for MKV to AVI PS3 Conversion:

Step 1. Suppose that you have MKV files on your pc and already have installed HD Video Converter. Then launch the software and click the "Add" button at left corner on the top.

Step 2. After you have import the MKV file, you need to choose the output format. Click the "Output format" bar on the left part of the interface.

As you see, there are all kinds of HD devices and HD formats, and we need to chose HD Device as you need and then choose the AVI file format you want convert.

Here we choose MKV to "PS3" for example. Either convert MKV to 720p or 1080p AVI video depends on your need. Please note that the choice also influences on the compression, picture quality and size of converted file.

Step 3. Right click "Start" button to set off your MKV to AVI PS3 conversion.

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[1]: Matroska MKV Video Knowledge from MKV Official Site