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How to Become Popular on YouTube and Grow Video Comment

YouTube will select videos as Most Viewed, Top Favorited, Featured, Trends. These videos are viewed by people from all over the world. Then these video channels become popular on YouTube, even the whole world, spread by lots of people. As a YouTube channel owner, have you even wondered to be one of them, the popular one on YouTube? But that is not everyone can get it. There are some tips for YouTube fans who would love to be popular on YouTube.

Grab the Public's Interest

People have been always loved video with good content and Like it, even Add to Favorite. It is much better to choose funny, entertaining and humor materials before making videos. Search the present news to build your idea. Then express your idea about these news, or provide worthy thing to reward your viewers.

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Complete the Information of Your Accounts

Finish your profile as far as possible. Entitle a nice name for your channel. It would be great if the name can reflect the target of your channel. It is the same with bio, interest, your target numbers of subscribers, etc. Post bulletin to tell friends or subscriber what you are doing recently. When see your bulletin, they may air their idea to your videos or reply it.

Be Active and Love to Share Your Idea

When receive new video notification from other YouTube channel, please actively leave your comment. And you may also comment hottest YouTube videos, send friend request to them. Follow your readers, reply to each comments. Ask questions and develop a conversation. Youtube lets you post a video response, how good. Plus, inform your new video by email to friend. They will back up you and your video.

High Quality Video within 5 mMnutes

The quality of video includes image, voice and duration. Make a video with clear image and audio. It is better to make a video in 5 minutes. Because he attention span of general web audience is very short.