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Problem with the Audio in MKV which I Downloaded?

Question: I downloaded a MKV movie over internet, the video is H264 codec, frame rate was 25.00 and the audio codec is mpga, sample rate 16000hz, bitrate 40kb/s. If i play the movie the video is clear and ok, but the audio is breaking and cant hear continuously.

Best Answer: Well, start with the obvious stuff, like making sure your speaker connections are good. If there's a way to play it on another machine/player, try that. if other movies play fine, it's probably not a codec, but you can google that to find one for your machine. If everything else plays fine it's probably the movie itself. Files may have been corrupted or incomplete. If movie audio plays from the site you got it, you can try downloading it again. If it's a torrent, you could try another file.

I use a HD Media Player called DAPlayer and every once in a while it will tell me the .avi file needs to be repaired and it does it if you choose. DAPlayer supports all 1080P/1080i HD videos at low CPU cost, such as M2TS, AVCHD, TP, MPEG-TS, EVO, MKV, AVC, MOD. Also support the HD video mixed-in subtitle tracks.

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