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Top 3 Tricks to Get New Members to Post on Your Forum

Ever seen those members that register and never post? We all wish they would post something. Maybe reply to a thread or just post an introduction. But many forum admin do not know how to make new members to post on their forums. So what can be done to make these new members post? Just follow the top 3 tricks below:

No.1 – Create a contest

Competition can be very healthy and effective for any forum to get new members to post. Find a good contest that can "fit" your forum's niche and style. For instance, a software related forum can seek a sponsor who can free offer software products to create a contest on your forum. Or, you can even make a post to ask your forum members what they'd like. This is also a useful way to attract new members to post their opinions.

No.2 – Force an introduction thread

Forcing new forum members to post an introduction thread is a feasible technique because most (if not all) new members need is a tiny push. Why not grab this chance? The great merit of getting new members to post an introduction thread is: you can personally greet them to be here. At the same time, you should try your best to reply as many introduction threads as possible. It will make your new comers feel welcomed and be willing to post more.

No.3 – Record members' posting points

Why not give your members points after posting? The points will serve as a way to promote your members to a higher position on your forum. For example, 200 points members can be titled as "Silver Member", 500 points as "Gold Member", and 1000 points as "VIP", etc. The points can increase the sense of honor and encourage new members to post more. Besides, you can set a rule that different status have different rights to participate the forum activities, e.g. taking part in contest and chosen as winners.

Of course, there're still different ways to get your new members to post on your forum. But, I recommend forum contest be your first choice.