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How to Get More Visitors on Forum and Increase the Popularity

It's interesting that the 90-9-1 rule in a social community can also be applied to forum participation, i.e. for a forum, 90% are lurkers, 9% contribute a little and only 1% will contribute a lot. Obviously, to get more visitors on forum and increase the popularity of the forum, the admin should try to enlarge the actual numbers of the ratios and finally convert them into forum members.

So, in this article, I'm going to talk about the useful methods to get more visitors on forum.

1. Submit your forum to search engines.

Here is a formula: search engine + content = visitors. The importance of the thread content we've talked about. Now let's move to the search engine. People know your forum mostly through search engines. So you need to submit your forum to search engines as many as you can. Except Google, Yahoo, Bing, here are some others like Ask.com, AllTheWeb.com, AOL Search, HotBot, DMOZ, etc. You should make your forum threads indexed and ranked well in these search engines to get ever increasing visitors on your forum.

2. Enable your guests to post on your forum in the beginning.

Not all users like being enforced to register the forum when the first visit. Why not make your visitors comfortable by delete this feature in the beginning? Enabling your guest visitors to feel free to post can increase your forum popularity and get you more visitors. You can also disabled this feature later.

3. Do social bookmarking.

I must say, social bookmarking is an effect way to promote your forum and get you more visitors. You can submit your forum thread URL, Title, simple description as well as tags to various social bookmarking sites, such as StumbleUpon, Reddit, Kirtsy, Mixx, Del.icio.us, Fark and so on.

4. Simplify your forum rules.

Remember, no one want to spend much time in learning your forum dos and don'ts. You must keep your forum rules simple and to the point. Give your visitors chance to express their opinions and trust their decisions. So make them happy and you can get more and more visitors.

5. It takes time.

No one can expect to success over night, so do forum. No forum can get hundreds and thousands of visitors instantly.

But I also suggest a method to help forum admin get more visitors in a short time: Join Digiarty's Win Free Copy program. You can get free sponsored software to launch contest/giveaway on your forum. As I've stated, starting contest and giveaway is effective way to get more visitors on forum.

Keep working at all the suggestions above and your users will visit your forum more.